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Kninghtfall Season 3: Release Date And All We Know So Far

The historical fiction drama Knightfall is created by Don Handfield and Richard Rayner. It airs on the History channel. Just as with any historical fiction drama, the story of Knightfall is a historical tale. This show is the story of the endeavors of the Knights Templar. Knightfall released its season 2 in March 2019.  There have been so many debates about season 3 since then, whether or not the show is really going to come out. We are here to brief you on everything that’s been missing from your Knightfall news update.

Knightfall Season 2: Release Date

Knightfall successfully finished two runs of seasons. The fans are especially anxious about the Season 3 announcement. The loyal fans just hope the show gets better somehow, and Season 3 gets a green light. The reason behind it is that Season 1 wasn’t exactly a hit with the fans. After the end of Season 1, most of the viewers thought that Season 2 would never see the light of the day. But thankfully, the network decided to give it another shot! For now, fans have been waiting desperately for renewal of season 3. We are here to tell you that the third season hasn’t been confirmed. Neither the network nor the studio has detailed anything on Season 3 of the show! Given that Season 2 performed badly than Season 1 did, things aren’t looking good for the show.

Knightfall: Season 3 remains uncertain as of now.

If Knightfall Season 3 is renewed, it will obviously have some delay thanks to COVID-19. But it can be expected to release in June 2021. Fans of the show who have been with it through its early days are always commenting on how they loved Season 1 which debuted in December of 2017. The second season came out in 2019. Judging by the gaps in Season 1 and 2, Season 3 will take its time before it is finally here.

Knightfall season 3, it at all it is renewed may be out anytime in June 2021. Season 2 scored an average of 0.12 rating and was a 50% drop in the number of viewers.

Knightfall Season 3: Plot

The fans of the medieval period drama have debated a lot on what a possible Season 3 is going to look like. What we can tell you that plot will be returning for sure with the Knight Templars. The EVP Programmer of History Channel, Eli Lehrer was proud of where the show has reached, especially in these times of intense competition. She expressed enough gratitude about the show being able to trace the path of history in a right manner and doing two runs. But she hasn’t detailed anything on the renewal or the plot, either.

For Season 3 of Knightfall, the show must follow the pursuit of Pope Clement. Even though exact details are kept under the wraps, but reports suggest that the show could very well take any direction. Pope Clement’s storyline will serve the story well and all fans agree on it in unison.

Also, the betrayed Templars will do anything in their power to avenge the Pope. Season 3 of Knightfall will obviously stick to the main elements of a historical drama. It is going to consist of a lot of action sequences, too. The show makers have decided to keep the details under wraps for now.

Knightfall Season 3: Trailer

For now, we do not have a trailer for Season 3. It’s going to be a lot of time from now. If at all Season 3 is confirmed, we will keep you posted! But you can enjoy Season 2 trailer above!