Anime Like Alice in Borderland That Fans Need to Watch Right now

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Well, all the people are aware of the fact that the animated shows are such a diverse as well as a creative medium of genres. And even though certain tropes only apply to certain variations of the genre, it is still pretty exciting to see how the shows can break away from the norm. It is already known that anime is popular for taking the most unexpected turn that seems like conventional can inevitably throw the audience for a big loop.

Of course, Fantasy is a major genre for the entire anime that looks like only to be taking more risks with the path of its content. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll is one of the most formative literature pieces that has been riffed off with its fantasy series. Thus, here we have wrapped up 10 anime to watch if a person is fond of Alice in Wonderland.

Alice in Wonderland

Pandora Hearts

This animated show, that is, Pandora Hearts, can be considered reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. Although, the show flips the perspective as well as the tone in some of the drastic ways. The show throws light on Oz, an heir to greatness but is suddenly thrown into prison. This is the point where her adventures really start as he is rescued by Alice, who is otherwise known to be a Blood Stained Black Rabbit. It is a scythe-wielding animal. Pandora Hearts has given the character of Alice a lot more intrigue while also transforming her into a savior rather than being a clueless heroine. There are almost a million references in the anime about Alice in Wonderland, but the dark makeover helps it stand apart.

Are You Alice?

This anime, Are You Alice?, is something where Alice in Wonderland has collided with Battle Royale’s genre. This is a typical fish out of the water fantasy genre when we witness a man appearing in a new world called Wonderland. He has absolutely no idea of who he once used to be. We see how everyone tells him that he is Alice and is soon thrown into a murderous game by the Queen of Hearts to take out the White Rabbit. It has proven quite effective to turn Alice’s whole narrative in Wonderland into more of a mystery with a variety of action elements. It also holds all of the core concepts as well as the source material of the characters.

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Spirited Away

Hayao Miyazaki has done some of the most valuable projects in his career, but Spirited Away is definitely something similar to the vibe of Alice in Wonderland. We see that Young Chihiro finds herself in a supernatural resort that is meant for spirits. All this while, she is also stuck working off for the freedom of his parent’s debt to free them. All this while, you guys should know that all the struggles that Chihiro had to learn and all the fantastic figures that she has encountered feel quite reminiscent of Caroll. Although, how it is all shown is much wild. It is pretty fulfilling to take on a familiar idea while some of the most beautiful work from Miyazaki’s career is shown.

Black Butler

This anime show, Black Butler, is one of the most entertaining fantasy anime that plays with a lot of usual conventions that have turned up more in the action and adventure series, which has employed demons. Black Butler is all about a cursed agreement where Ciel has employed the services of Sebastian. He is a demon, and Ciel asks him to be his butler and kill all the people who have wronged him. Once he gets Sebastian to complete his goal, he is going to let him consume his soul. Later in the scenes, we witness a surprisingly genuine bond sprout between these two opposite characters. The greatest strength that Black Butker has as a show is the evolution of the relationship along with the places that they venture to.

The Vision of Escaflowne

The anime show, The Vision of Escaflowne, happens to be a rare series that got itself localized during the beginning of the anime boom in the 90s, but it is a story with a lot of depth even gets lost somewhere in the dub. The Vision of Escaflowne witnesses a normal high school student called Hitomi, who has been transported to the planet of Gaea. This is where she becomes a crucial figure in a fierce war between various countries. This animated show brilliantly infuses the fantasy genre with mecha as well as political elements. The plot of it tackles a lot while it is still touching on the familiar elements that are included in Alice in Wonderland.

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Tweeny Witches

This anime series, Tweeny Witches, is very similar to Alice in Wonderland and has included witchcraft in it. Arusu is pretty obsessed with witches, and one fine day, he gets transported into a magical world full of them. We see how Arusu becomes an apprentice of the witch and slowly acclimates to this new world of his. The most noticeable thing about Tweeny Witches is how it portrays a very dark world under all of the beauty. We see how much time Arusi spends in Wonderland is the more on how she learns about a fierce war between the witches and the warlocks. Also, we should keep the deplorable treatment that is done to fairies.

Alice in Cyberland

This OVA called Alice in Cyberland can be considered an effort that has also witnessed success in the form of a video game. All this while, you guys should keep in mind that this anime is actually a very exaggerated take on what we have seen in Alice in Wonderland and its narrative. This is why it has earned a lot of following and audience with time. As for the plot, it centers on how Alice enters Cyberland. This place has a digital environment where crime is rampant.

Alice and her friends become a team of Power Rangers type of heroes in this new world, and while it is all very cheesy, it is still an enjoyable ride. For all the people who have found themselves ever wishing that Alice in Wonderland should collide with The Matrix, then Alice in Cyberland is exactly the anime show that you all need to watch.

Magic Knight Rayearth

This anime series, Magic Knight Rayearth, has created a solid reputation for itself in anime and manga and has not even left video games behind. Although, its plot is known for giving Alice in Wonderland a spin that it needed. In this show, we witness that three young girls are transported to a magical place where they become instrumental figures in saving the princess while also warding off the evil. Magic Knight Rayearth transforms all the hapless girls into some courageous heroes. This factor brings a lot of mecha sensibilities to the fantasy genre in a way that proves to be even more innovative than what we have seen during the 90s.

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