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A Merry Christmas Match Filming Locations

Where Was A Merry Christmas Match Filmed?
Where Was A Merry Christmas Match Filmed?

Hallmark’s “A Merry Christmas Match,” which was directed by Jake Helgren, tells the touching tale of Corey, a regular helper in her mother’s antique store who also organizes a Christmas pageant in memory of her late father. She is diverted, though, when she encounters Ryder, and she starts to regret her choice to remain behind rather than pursue a career in theater directing.

“A Merry Christmas Match,” like all Hallmark Christmas films, will leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Similarly, if you enjoy positive energy and Christmas cheer, we encourage you to read everything we have to say about “A Merry Christmas Match.”

Where Was A Merry Christmas Match Filmed?

This seasonal movie is one you don’t want to miss.


Lindsey Gort’s character Jillian Winters made the difficult decision to leave her peaceful hometown of Harmony and her best friend Corey Calvin in order to pursue her dream of becoming a television star in Los Angeles (played by Ashley Newbrough). Corey wanted to direct plays in a big city, but she decided to stay in Harmony and help her mother run the antique shop her late father owned instead. She believed that in addition to owing it to Harmony to continue serving as the creative director of the yearly Christmas Pageant, she also owed it to her dad’s memory to keep the shop open.

A few moments after a familiar face enters her store, Corey realizes that she has just read an article about the handsome real estate heir Ryder Donnelly (Kyle Dean Massey), who was named Los Angeles’ Hottest Holiday Bachelor. Here he is now, looking around her store. Ryder has a strong network of dealers and a passion for antiquities. In Corey’s shop, Ryder notices a broken Christmas clock that is marked “Not for Sale,” and she reluctantly decides to sell it. It’s bittersweet to part with it because her dad loved the clock. Later, Corey feels turned off by Ryder’s big-city attitude in tiny Harmony, but something starts to spark. Ryder encourages her to consider exploring their potential chemistry. Speaking of skiing led to talking about Alaska, which led to Corey’s love of “the most magical creature there is” and talking about reindeer.

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A Happy Ending

Ryder’s parents have decked the halls for their yearly holiday party at the family estate back in Los Angeles. Jillian makes an effort to convince Corey to spend the weekend in Los Angeles, but Corey is adamant about staying at the shop until a present for her shows up—a silver reindeer hanging from a necklace. Corey enters the Donnellys’ holiday gala with her friends, and Ryder’s mother offers to introduce Corey to friends in the Los Angeles arts scene. A devastated Corey returns to Harmony, the antique shop, and happy news from her mother that the old shop will be saved when an old love interest of Ryder’s enters the picture. Finally, the big night of Harmony’s annual Christmas Pageant arrives, and much to Corey’s surprise, Ryder makes an appearance. He clarifies the misunderstanding from his parents’ party and tells her about some upcoming surprises. The time has come for Corey to make up her mind and start listening to her heart.

Where Was A Merry Christmas Match Filmed?

A Merry Christmas Match, also known as “Christmas Here and There,” began filming in late March 2019 and was completed on April 12 that year. We have a story to share with you if you’re interested in learning more information about how it was filmed. The beautiful state of California served as the backdrop for a large portion of the film. Let’s move on to more specifics now.

Where Was A Merry Christmas Match Filmed?

The beautiful forest scenarios of Idyllwind, California

Idyllwind, California, United States of America

The movie, which is a part of Hallmark’s “Miracles of Christmas” lineup, was shot in Southern California, especially in Idyllwild. It is an unpopulated area in Riverside County’s San Jacinto Mountains. It is situated close to Fern Valley and Pine Cove. On set, actors Kyle Dean Massey and Ashley Newbrough bonded over breakfast food and grew close.

Idyllwild is a very serene location to shoot movies. The most extraordinary and entertaining feature of this small mountain town, which is located two hours from Los Angeles, is that Mayor Max II, a Golden Retriever, serves as its mayor. The Idyllwild Historical Society, which hosts a noteworthy display about Elvis Presley filming “Kid Galahad,” is another reason for its fame. The surroundings are also used as shooting locations for television and movie productions. The predominant features of the landscape are mountains, woodlands, ponds, and creeks.

A Merry Christmas Match Trailer

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