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How to Watch The Maze Runner? Streaming Guide of The Sci-fi Movie

How to Watch The Maze Runner
How to Watch The Maze Runner?

With the film being released in 2014, fans are still curious to know about how to watch The Maze Runner. Well, here we have wrapped up all the information about the same. The movie involves genres such as science and fiction and is set in a dystopian era. Wes Ball directed this project as his debut. The story is taken from a novel of the same name. James Dashner wrote it in 2009. After the success of the first film, various sequels were created following it. The story begins with a character named Thomas, who is 16 years of age. When he opens his eyes, he finds himself inside a weird elevator and has no idea where the hell he belongs and what his identity is.

Soon, Thomas finds out about the place he has been shifted to. It is the middle of a very delicate yet dangerous maze. There are other boys in the maze as well. They explain to Thomas how they are desperately trying to find their way out of the maze. Well, there are various subplots in the film, too, which we shall discuss in the plot section. The Maze Runner established itself as a global and commercial success. It was made on a budget of just 34 million dollars. Upon its release, the film grossed over 348 million dollars at the box office. At this point, there are two sequels to the film.

The cast includes actor Dylan O’Brien reprising the role of Thomas. He is the last man who enters the Glade. The Glade is a society that the people who have been living inside the maze have formed. Other than that, we see actress Kaya Scodelario enacting the character of Teresa. She is the first woman to ever enter The Glade. Aml Ameen does the part of Alby. He is the first person who was dropped inside The Glade. This is why he has assumed the role of the leader of all Gladers. The Glade is covered and protected by huge stone walls.

How to Watch The Maze Runner

A still from The Maze Runner

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How to Watch The Maze Runner?


Netflix is streaming The Maze Runner right now. You can buy the basic subscription plan to the platform in order to have access to the same. It costs 8.99 dollars a month. Nevertheless, there are higher plans as well with added benefits and features. You can always buy the standard plan available at 15.99 dollars. Then we have the premium plan staked at 19.99 dollars.

Disney Plus

The Maze Runner is also available on Disney Plus for streaming. Disney Plus is available in the United States for just 7.99 dollars for a month or a discounted rate of 79.99 dollars for a year. In India, you can watch the film through Disney Plus Hotstar. It is available at a basic price of just 49 rupees or 499 rupees for a year.

Amazon Prime Video

The Maze Runner is also available on Demand. You can rent the film in Ultra HD for just 3.99 dollars. It can be bought in UHD if you do not wish to limit yourself with the time constraints. The film is available for just 14.99 dollars.


The people in this society have specific roles, generally specializing in the area that they are good at. Thomas, who is curious to get out of the place and find his true self, understands that solving the maze is their only way to escape. Although, this maze is not a maze but actually a changing labyrinth. Society works in a way that various Runners go a search in the maze to find any way which might have opened in the hopes of an escape route. By the end of the day, they come back to their little civilization because it is the time when the entrance closes.

Soon, we see that a girl arrives in the rusty elevator with a note. The note declares her as the last person to enter The Glade. People are shocked because she is the first woman to enter the maze. Upon her arrival, she immediately identifies Thomas, but he has no memory of her. The girl’s name is Teresa. She has come along with two syringes that are filled with an unknown substance with no note describing what it is. When one of them is used on Alby, his sting is recovered. Now, if you want to know how the characters actually managed to escape from the maze, it is advised to refer to the platforms mentioned above.

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