Is Murderville Really Unscripted? Here’s What Happens Behind The Scenes

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Murderville (Credits- Netflix)

Ever since Murderville came up with the concept of unscripted murder mystery, Fans ask, ‘Is it really so?’ The show is a complete package of comedy, crime, and mystery. The Netflix series released its first episode on 3rd February 2022. A season of Murderville has six episodes in it.

The show is an adapted version of the BBC three series, Murder in Successville. It was a British series by Andy Brereton and Avril Spary featuring Tom Davis in the leading role. Murderville has a detective and celebrity guests as trainee detectives who have to find out the true killer.

The key difference between Murderville and Murder in Successville is that the celebrities play their own role in the former. But the Will Arnett starrer series is not just another murder mystery. It’s a whole new concept.

Murderville Cast
Murderville Cast (Credits- Newsweek)

Murderville- Cast, Characters, and Concept

Will Arnett is cast as a senior detective, Terry Seattle. Terry’s personal life is full of turmoil. He still misses his past partner Lori, who died 15 years before the series starts. Also, he is going through a divorce with his wife, Rhonda. Haneefah Woods is seen as Terry’s wife, Rhonda Jenkins Seattle, who is also the chief of the police. Amber King, played by Lilan Bowden, is seen helping Terry and the guest stars. Philip Smithey is another detective, ‘Daz Phillips,’ who later starts dating Rhonda.

Murderville has a quirky twist. Detective Terry Seattle has to find the murderer with his group of Trainee detectives. The trainees accompany Terry and collect clues to unveil the truth. But none of them have any clue about the killer.

They need to follow their intuitions. It means that the guests are not given any script. Their decisions can be right or wrong. Haneefah Wood, as Rhonda, comes at the end of the episode to tell the truth. The peculiar idea attracted a vast audience for Murderville. But do you think it’s all unscripted? If yes, how come the show makers lead the story in a proper direction? Let’s find out.

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Is Muderville Improvised or Scripted?

Viewers are of different opinions about whether Murderville is scripted or not. Some say that it is improvised and celebrities’ responses to the course of events are genuine. The show has a team of 8 writers. The producer of the show, Krister Johnson, explained that while writing, only the plot and the scenes were written.

The dialogue part of the character was completely left out. The guest stars derive conclusions from the situations and react accordingly. Let’s get into the details. Murderville has a blend of scripted and unscripted portions. The actions, dialogues, and reactions of the guest stars are random. This brings a natural element of comedy. Will Arnett worked with different celebrities in each episode. Each episode is packed with a new story and a new guest.

The first episode featured comedian and TV host Conan O’Brien. The other episodes starred actress Sharon Stone, actor Kumail Nanjiani and ex-NFL star Marshawn Lynch. While watching, one cannot differentiate between the scripted and unscripted parts. The scenes, including the guests, are completely improvised. But, the scenes excluding them are mostly scripted. Some investigation parts are also scripted. For example, the suspects knowingly drop hints which can be taken up by the guests’ stars.

Murderville- Will Arnett
Murderville. Will Arnett as Terry Seattle (Credits-Netflix)

Also, some of Terry’s actions are scripted. These are for the scripted characters (suspects and victims) to style the plot in the desired manner. However, the major plot is still natural. Some parts need to follow the script to reach the culprit. Otherwise, the series would have been a chunk of random actions.

Murderville – A Hit or a Flop?

Murderville is rated 6.8 out of 10 by 13k viewers on IMDB. For some of the binge-viewers, it is indeed a great experiment. While some of the prominent platforms had second thoughts about it, according to the Guardian, ‘the series is pure cringe, and it shouldn’t have been remade.’

The Guardian cited that the British original had a diversified guest list, while the US version mostly featured the actors. Hence, the original version was more entertaining, hilarious, and natural.’ So, what do you think of Murderville? 

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