What Happened To Dixie Damelio? All About Her Illness

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What Happened to Dixie Damelio
Dixie Damelio, Credits: ScreenRant

Dixie Damelio, one of the biggest social media personalities and a great singer, has been going through a lot with her life mentally and emotionally, her recent breakup with Noah Beck has shocked their fans, who loved both of their relationships.

The singer has been going through a lot these days, from her breaking out in her live performance to getting diagnosed with a disorder, fans exactly want to know what happened to this singer.

This article will thus break down the recent happenings which occurred with the singer, from her illness to other things in her life.

Who is Dixie Damelio?

Well, if you don’t know Dixie Damelio, you might be living under the rocks, she is one of the biggest personalities currently on social media. Not even being the sister of Charlie Damelio, she is a TikTok star and a professional singer.

Her songs have created viral sensations on social media, she even being a social media personality not only dances with her sister on TikTok but is also a great Instagram influencer and also hosts a YouTube channel called The Early Late Night Show, where she welcomes celebrity guest and chit chats with them.

She is also a singer and has accumulated more than 86.1 million streams on Spotify, and she has even collaborated with Wiz Khalifa for her single “One Whole Day”, apart from that, she has made some successful and trendiest music in the music game.

what happened to dixie damelio
Dixie Damelio, Credits: NickiSwift

What happened to Dixie Damelio?

Dixie Damelio is one of the biggest influencers on social media, and with great popularity comes a huge burden of attaining success and being perfect, Dixie however in one of their family show, titled The D’amelio show, also revealed a lot more times that she has been going through a lot after being in spotlight continuous times.

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And also recently, she has been diagnosed with premenstrual dysphoric disorder, which has even worsened the situation for her, the sad reality of always being perfect and coming under social media radars for celebrities triggers their mental health which even leads to the situation getting worse for these celebrities.

Thus, for now, Dixie is the one who looks like she is dealing with a lot of mental problems which have even degraded her power to work and concrete over her career, and her recent live stage performance is the greater proof of it.

what happened to dixie damelio
Dixie Damelio with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, Credits: Distractify

Has Dixie Damelio been diagnosed with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder?

The 21-year-old social media star recently confessed to her fans that she had been diagnosed with premenstrual dysphoric disorder, which has surprised many of her fans who dearly love her.

She recently came onto social media even explaining what is actually PMDD which causes extreme mood shifts and thus disrupts daily life, causing persistent anxiety, depression, etc, to occur and damaging the mental and psychological state of the human mind and brain.

The singer even states that the disorder affects her mood and her behavior and even sometimes makes it harder for her to concentrate on her professional music career, which she has been hugely passionate about.

Anxiety, depression, sadness, etc are the things that are the common symptoms of this disorder, and it looks like it has taken a huge toll on her mental health, but so far, Dixie has been very much positive that she is going to be a survivor and will surely occur the symptoms that occur within this disorder.

How did Dixie Damelio’s health affect her live performance?

Recently Dixie had her music performance in Chicago, but she left the show early, which is according to many sources, due to her mental health, which worsened the situation.

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As per the sources, the lights in the Chicago show went off early, which insanely affected her mental health, and the singer started feeling ill, but thanks to her consciousness, she then quickly went to her doctors, and the situation was completely fine thereafter.

The singer since she did not want to disappoint her fans, thereafter tweeted about her recent happenings, fans also showed greater support for Dixie and her tweet where she confessed to her fans regarding what happened, which made her situation get worse on live stage.

Since celebrities are constantly on the neck of glam, social media, and perfection, their mental state starts having a huge toll after being constantly chased by the media, dealing with hate comments, and experiencing the pressure of attaining instant success in Hollywood

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