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Mad Max “Furiosa”: Cast and Premiere Confirmed

Mad Max Furiosa

Oh, what a day, what a lovely day! Warner Bros just went all out announced Mad Max: Furiosa. This will serve as a prequel to an amazing movie, Mad Max: Fury Road. This prequel would hit theatres on June 23, 2023. The company had plans for a 2021 release but then went on to back away from it. A 2021 release would mean that the chances of the movie hitting theatres would be meager. Even if it did consider the condition of the pandemic, people would really prefer to watch it at their home.

But movies like mad Max needs to be seen on the big screen with a crowd, and a small screen doesn’t do this wonderful movie justice. With the huge action set pieces, vehicle battles, a marvelous destroyed wasteland, you need a huge screen to understand the movie’s beauty truly. Hence, a 2023 release date is very much acceptable, and it’s actually the only way how we want to watch this movie.

This movie can be considered as a spinoff from the previous one and dives into the origins of Charlize Theron’s character, Furiosa. From the castings and whatever details we have of the plot, the movie is a completely different beast from the previous one. The cast is filled with new faces and would feature minimal ties to Fury Road.

So Mad Max: Fury Road has us follow Max Rockatansy, played by Tom Hardy, as he battled the harshness of the post-apocalyptic desert wasteland. The movie takes place in the far future where human life has collapsed completely, and everyone is searching for some water. Joe, the antagonist, has access to the most water in all the lands and thereby enslaves all of the survivors he can come by.

Watch the trailer here:

He keeps his slaves of survivors inside a fortress called the Citadel. One day Furioisa, played by Charlize Theron, decides to break out of the clutches of this evil warlord and bring his 5 captive wives with her. She escapes on a huge armored truck called the War Rig, and on her way, she runs into Max. Their paths cross, and they decide it’s best to take on this journey together. Max is a loner and has his own hatred against Joe and the wasteland in general. He was also once captive of the mad man.

Both of them make a run for it, and on the way, events unfold where they finally take over control of the entire empire, thereby freeing everyone. Their journey is host to some of the best graphical scenes we have ever seen in a movie. The vehicular combat is, without a doubt, the best feature in the movie, the vehicles are designed with so much detail, and it just looks awesome. The world in which the story is set in is one of the other best features of the movie. The desert, the sandstorms, just the quietness of the whole landscape, which is then suddenly filled by post-apocalyptic war cars and explosions, makes this movie one of the best.

Mad Max Fury Road

So like we said in the new prequel, we follow the origin story of Furiosa, which would mean there is no Mad Max. But that is not a problem; a lack of a character doesn’t mean the movie’s essence is lost. With technological advances and other upgrades, we can expect this movie to top the other one 10 times. Charlize Theron, who portrayed Furiosa in Fury Road, won’t be returning to reprise the role. The reason the crew laid out for this was that the age difference wouldn’t just make sense, which is perfectly understandable. At the same time, they also expressed their sadness over the fact that they couldn’t cast Theron as her portrayal of the character was one of the things that made Fury Road such a great movie. The new actor has a lot to live up to.

New Cast Details

This time around, Furiosa will be played by Anya Taylor Joy, from The New Mutants fame. But just like we had Tom hardy to join Theron, this time we also have the same deal, Chris Hemsworth will also be joining in on the cast. His character is named Dementus. Yahya Abdul Mateen II from the Watchmen will also be joining the cast. Almost everyone from behind the scenes is coming back to take the helm in this movie. Director George Miller is coming back to direct, co-write, and also produce this one. Doug Mitchell is also going to be joining this one.

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