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Anime Review – Re: Zero Starting Life in Another World Season 2 Episode 40

Re Zero Season 2 Episode 40
Re Zero Season 2 Episode 40

Re: Zero Starting Life in Another World Season 2 Episode 40 has shown us progress into Subaru’s plans. The anime made its debut last week and released Re: Zero Starting Life in Another World Season 2 Episode 39, the first episode. Re: Zero is currently running the second cour of season 2 and will run for 12 more episodes. The second part of the anime picks up from Subaru’s failures. In the first cour, he failed to save both the sanctuary and the mansion. And this time, he intends to try again with a little help from his friends. 

In the last episode, Otto convinced Subaru that he should learn to accept others’ help and stop trying to do everything by himself. After their confrontation, Subaru set to meet several people in preparations for his plans. And he even went as far as talking to Ram about it and lastly went to visit Emilia. Ryuzu also agreed to help out, and at this point, Subaru’s plan was going smooth.

So the first act of his plan was to have Otto stall Garfiel while he talks with Emilia. So far, it is not yet clear how Subaru intends to carry out his plans. But things are going well for him as Otto to stalled Garfiel long enough. He did it with Ram, who appeared when Otto was having a hard time against Garfiel. And we also got to see Subaru talk with Emilia about what has been happening.

Re: Zero Starting Life in Another World Season 2 Episode 41 will release more updates next week. And we will then see Subaru back in action as his preparations are complete.

Re Zero Season 2 Episode 40 – Otto and Ram Stalls Garfiel

Re Zero Season 2 Episode 40

Re Zero Season 4 Episode 40 – Ram and Otto Stalls Garfiel

In the last episode, Otto volunteered to stall garfiel even though he knows that he is no match for Garfiel. It was like a death wish for him. And Garfiel only wanted to subdue him so that he can give back his stone. But as the master of the insects and all animals, Otto’s blessing gives him an advantage. Otto lured Garfiel into the nearby forest, where it was easy for Otto to use the insects and animals to his advantage. At first, Otto managed to catch Garfiel in a trap, which gave him a headstart into the forest. 

And by the time Garfie caught up with him, he had plans set in motion already. Otto was fighting a battle of longevity, so the longer he stalls, the better for him. Garfiel underestimated Otto, which is why Otto stalled him longer. But after Garfiel was tired from playing tag with Otto, he used his transformation to end things finally.

Ram appeared at the knick of time to save Otto, who was hanging by a thread. And together, they stood a better chance against Garfiel, who has decided to take the situation seriously. This episode centered more on the fight between Otto and Garfiel and saw how things were going with Emilia and Subaru. It appeared that Emilia was hiding from Subaru and was upset that he broke his promise. 

In the last episode, Emilia had Subaru promise that he will stay with her until morning, but he ended up leaving when she fell asleep. What made things worse was when Puck left Emilia so that she can get back her memories. Puck also promised Emilia that it would stay with her.

Subaru found Emilia Hiding.

Re Zero Season 2 Episode 40

Emilian and Subaru

After Puck left, Emilia and told her that it was her mom in the form of her familiar all this time, she was worrying and went into hiding. She realized that Subaru left her even if he promised that he would stay until morning. Subaru knew where to find Emilia and followed her. She went into an underground cavern, and Subaru knew that if Emilia does not want anyone to see her, she will go there. While there, Subaru and Emilia talked about what happened when Subaru and Puck left her all alone.

Subaru wanted to clear things up with Emilia and confess his love to her. She hardly believed him at first, but he managed to convince her as he tried to proceed with the next step of his plans. After Subaru found Emilia, he brought her back to where Garfiel was and confronted him. We are yet to see how their confrontation will end up as Subaru now has things to sort out with Garfiel. In the next episode, we will then get to know how this confrontation will turn out. 

The second cour of the anime is still at the beginning, and things are developing interestingly. Subaru has now made his move and is starting by confronting Garfiel. More on this confrontation in the next episode of the anime that will lair next week. For more updates on the upcoming anime episodes and manga, you can look at our Weekly Anime News updates. The next episode of the anime will be available for streaming on Crunchyroll, including the previous seasons’ dubbed versions.

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