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Most Hated K-pop Idol 2022: Who Might It Be?

K-pop Idol
Most Hated K-pop Idol. Cr: Google

It’s no secret that the K-pop market can be ruthless and fiercely competitive at times. These idols are expected to always keep a decent appearance in front of the public as if their demanding schedules and intense training weren’t demanding enough. K-pop fans place high importance on maintaining a good public image, and if an idol fails to live up to those standards, they receive criticism and unjustified hatred.

As regrettable as it may sound, getting hate mail increases with your level of popularity. However, certain idols out there have been so severely persecuted that even a single hair on their heads is being scrutinized. Idols have occasionally faced hatred for performing the human actions that most of us undertake without thinking. K-pop idols face enormous pressure to be flawless, yet these idols show that even if you do nothing, detractors will still find something to criticize. This article will examine which K-pop star has received the most hate and the reasons for it.

Most Hated K-pop Idol 2022

According to sources, Jennie Kim is the most hated K-pop idol. South Korean singer, rapper, and actress Jennie Kim is known only by her first name. She was born and raised in South Korea and spent five years studying abroad in New Zealand before coming home in 2010. She made her stage debut in August 2016 as a part of the YG Entertainment-owned girl group Blackpink. With the release of “Solo” in November 2018, Jennie’s solo musical career got underway.

The song was a commercial hit, topping the Gaon Digital Chart and the World Digital Songs chart on Billboard. She will debut in Hollywood in the forthcoming HBO series The Idol in 2022. She has led the Korean Business Research Institute’s “Individual Girl Group Members Brand Power Ranking” for months in a row, demonstrating her strong brand recognition and marketing skills. Based on how many views and likes Kim’s Instagram stories and posts received in 2018, Instagram named her the “Most Loved Account of 2018” in South Korea.

Most Hated K-pop Idol

Everything About Jennie Kim

Why Is Jennie Kim Being Hated So Much?

When a video comparing the prior and present performance of the same song appeared online, people began to refer to Jennie as a “lazy dancer.” Fans were astonished and upset by the way out-of-synch moves were portrayed. However, the lead singer of Blackpink was quick to apologize to online users without giving a justification for her lackluster performance. Later, a site post disclosed that Kim had an ankle problem that made performance challenging for her. The gifted rapper faced criticism for dating other K-pop band members. Blackpink’s Jennie is the only member that has dated someone else while still being in the group. Kai (Exo) was supposedly her boyfriend from October 2018 to January 2019.

A media outlet uncovered a nearly one-year romance between the band’s lead vocalist and G-dragon of Big Bang. Despite the fact that K-pop fans adore shipping their favorite idols in storylines, fake videos, etc. On the other hand, they find it offensive when artists choose to date one another. Netizens anticipated a shift in the star’s stage presence after her solo debut in 2018. According to the Twitter family, her smash solo Debute was connected to her carelessness during the group performance. On several social networking sites, Jennie found herself submerged in a sea of offensive remarks.

Most Hated K-pop Idol

Reasons Why People Hate Jennie

She faced harsh criticism for appearing in a music video while disguised as a nurse. Kim Jennie’s appearance in the Blackpink music video “Lovesick Girls” as a nurse offended the medical community. The attire was considered an “uncomfortable portrayal” of the profession by Korea’s health and medical professionals. However, YG Entertainment published a statement on the removal of Kim’s contentious sequences after considering the situation carefully.

For securing a solo debut before any other member of the Blackpink band, Jennie was held accountable. Fans weren’t thrilled with the unjust and discriminatory treatment Kim received from the YG entertainment group, so they dubbed her “YG’s princess.” Despite facing hatred for some legitimate, but primarily false reasons, the 25-year-old manages to remain resilient. Whatever others may think about her, she has been making her band proud. Kim’s admirers outweigh her detractors in number!

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