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What is Shania Twain’s Real Name? Meet The Queen Of Country Pop

Here, we shall discuss what Shania Twain’s real name is. People have been listening to her musical creations over the years, enjoying them fully. But, who is the person behind this? Who is she off-screen or behind the camera? Starting from the basics, Shania Twain is considered one of the best-selling singers in the world of country pop music. Some of her singles are Any Man Of Mine, No One Needs To Know, God Bless The Child, She’s Not Just A Pretty Face, I Ain’t No Quitter, Endless Love, etc.

Knowing her versatility in the music industry, fans are curious to learn more about Shania Twain. What are her background details? Let’s dive into this piece to learn who Shania Twain is in real. We shall here provide every detail of her, including age, birthplace, family background, popularity, famous works, and many more.

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Shania Twain’s Real Name: Meet Her Off-Screen

She is popular with her stage name, Shania Twain. But it’s not her real name. She is originally known as Eilleen Regina Edwards. Talking about her identity, Billboard has honored her as the leader of the 90s country-pop crossover stars.

Shania Twain's Real Name

Shania Twain

Age, Zodiac, & Birthplace

Shania Twain was born in 1965, making her 56 years old at present. Every year, she celebrates her birthday on 28 August. Based on her birth date, her zodiac sign is Virgo. Talking about her birthplace, she was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Family Background

Shania Twain was born to her parents, Sharon and Clarence Edwards. Besides them, her other family members include her couple of siblings, Carrie Ann and Jill. However, they got divorced when she was just 2 years old. Later, she got raised by her mother, who tied the knot with Jerry Twain. With him, her mother got blessed with a son, Mark, who eventually became Shania’s half-brother.

The country-pop singer Shania’s childhood wasn’t that good. She faced quite a difficulty and often witnessed violence between her mother and stepfather. Also, they didn’t have much money, and also there was scarce food. When she was 8 years old, she started singing at bars for helping her family. She has always been a responsible person.

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Personal Life

Even Shania Twain’s personal, moreover love life hasn’t been good in the initial days. Everyone is pretty much aware of her marriage with the record producer, Mutt Lange, and the drama it caused. In case you don’t know, when both were hitched, Mutt shared an extramarital affair with Shania’s assistant, Marie. Even Marie was married to the Swiss Nestle executive, Frederic Thiebaud. When their romance came to the spotlight, both of their marriages ended. In turn, Shania and Frederic tied the knot. Since then, she appears to have found happiness in life, doing wonders as a couple.

Shania Twain's Real Name

Shania Twain and Frederic Thiebaud

Popular Works

Especially if you are very much inclined toward country pop music, Shania Twain must be on your favorite list. Some of her hit songs are- What Made You Say That Dont Be Stupid, From This Moment One, Shoes, Who’s Gonna Be Your Girl, White Christmas, Say All You Want For Christmas, etc. Besides her musical career, Shania Twain has also provided her voice for Anne Murray: Full Circle. Apart from this, the singer also starred in Broad City, I Heart Huckabees, etc.

You may give Shania Twain a following on her Instagram account. One of her recent works is the Netflix documentary, Not Just A Girl. Best Wishes to her for her future endeavors.

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