What Is The Name Of The Fictional Land Where Frozen Takes Place? Answered

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Frozen In Arendelle [Credits- Walt Disney]

Who hasn’t watched the Disney classic film Frozen that followed the bond between two sisters who were ready to do anything for each other only to be separated after a tragedy strikes? Directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, Frozen focuses on Anna, the younger sister of Elsa, and the older sister of Elsa, the future Queen of the Kingdom of Arendelle.

Frozen was a commercially successful film with an initial budget being $150M and an earning of $1.285B. Released on November 27, 2013, and the film had a run time of 102 minutes. Frozen was distributed by Walt Disney Studios alongside Motion Pictures. Produced by Peter Del Vecho, Frozen was made under Walt Disney Pictures and is loved by millions of kids.

Frozen’s lead cast consists of Kristen Bell, who gives the voice of the character of Anna, Princess of Arendelle, and Idina Merzel, who gave the voice of the role of Elsa, the Queen of Arendelle. Jonathan Groff gave the voice of the role of Kristoff, Anna’s love interest, Josh Gad gave the voice for the adorable role of Olaf, a snowman built by Anna and Elsa, and Santino Fontana gave the voice of the character of Hans, prince of Southern Isles, and the antagonist in Frozen.

A Still From Frozen [Credits: Walt Disney]
The supporting cast of Frozen consists of Alan Tudyk in the role of Weselton’s Duke, Ciaran Hinds plays the role of Grand Pabbie, Chris Williams plays the role of Oaken, and Jenifer Leen, the Mother of Anna and Elsa. Viewers of Frozen were all praises for its visuals and music, especially their song Let It Go, which many found inspirational.

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Frozen – Premise

The film opens in the Kingdom, where Anna and Elsa are playing together when Elsa accidentally hurts Anna due to her magical power. Elsa can control ice and snow, and she often uses to play with Anna. In order to save Anna, the Queen, and King take her to Grand Pabbie, who erases her memories with Elsa’s magic. Elsa is also warned by Grand Pabbie to learn to control her powers to not cause any further harm to her loved one.

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The king and the Queen decide to isolate the sisters to prevent a similar accident from taking place in the future. Elsa ceases her contact with Anna to protect her, which in turn causes them to grow emotionally distant as Anna craves the attention of her elder sister. The parents of Anna and Elsa get lost in the sea and are presumed dead, while the two young princesses grow up to be teenagers.

As Elsa gets crowned as the Queen, she unintentionally harms her crowd as she unleashes her powers due to frustrations from Anna begging for an explanation for her isolation. Elsa is deemed by the public as a monster, and she leaves to live as a hermit away from her Kingdom. Anna decides to get her sister back, and on her way, she meets Kristoff and Olaf, with whom she develops a bond of friendship.

Hans And Anna Before Coronation [Credits: Walt Disney]
After Anna’s horse arrives back in the Kingdom without her, Hans decides to find her and bring her back. Anna finds Elsa and reveals to her the condition of their Kingdom, and a horrified Elsa once again harms Anna by freezing her heart. Anna is returned to Hans by Kristoff to break off Elsa’s spell, whereas Hans is set to capture Elsa, and he does so after defeating the monster she created. Hans reveals his true intentions of capturing the Kingdom and captures Anna.

The film ends with Elsa realizing the key to controlling her powers, and Anna turns normal. Anna confesses her love to Kristoff, and they get together.

What Is The Name Of The Fictional Place Frozen Take Place?

The fictional land where Frozen takes place is Arendelle, but the film was shot in the U.S.A. and took its inspiration from the Kingdom of Norway. Arendelle is the central location for the filming of the Frozen franchise, and it is the birthplace of the princess of Anna and Elsa, the future Queen of Arendelle. Arendelle was founded by Lord Aren, whereas King Eric and Queen Else were the ancestors of King Runeard.

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Filming Location- Arendelle (Credits: Walt Disney]

Iduna gave birth to Elsa on the winter solstice, who possessed the power of controlling snow. The conflict began when it was revealed that King Agnar married Iduana, who belonged to the northern tribe. The name for the Kingdom was taken from Arendal, located in Southern Norway.

Arendelle is located near the fjord, and it is densely populated with humans within the walls of the Kingdom. Arendelle is ruled by monarchs, and it is a small kingdom. The appearance of Arendelle was inspired by Balestrand and Bergen, a Norwegian village. The Kingdom of Arendelle is ruled by Anna, who decides to take over after her sister decides to escape the Kingdom. Arendelle had beautiful weather until they had to go through a period of abnormal weather.

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