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The Silent Sea Cast: Meet The Brave People On A Mission!

the silent sea cast

The Silent Sea cast and storyline had caused a buzz all around the Internet near the end of 2021. The Silent Sea is an eight-episode adaptation of the movie The Sea of Tranquility, and the people who were able to make it happen were the director of The Sea of Tranquility, Choi Hang Yong himself, and the writer Park Eun Kyo (Mother).

The name of the Korean series is a reference to the Sea of Tranquility located on the moon. The story is set in the future where three people – Doctor Sang Ji An, Han Yoon Jae, and Lieutenant Ryu Tae Sook and their crew are set out on a mission to the moon. Their mission is to receive samples from an abandoned lunar research base.

Doctor Sang Ji An is an astrobiologist and has joined the mission with a purpose of her own. She wants to find out the reason behind the accident in the now-abandoned Balhae Base research where her sister was a researcher in. Han Yoon Jae is the loyal leader of the exploration team. The safety of his teammates and completing the mission is his top priority, even if it means putting himself in danger. Lastly comes Lieutenant Ryu Tae Suk, who volunteered to be a part of this mission so that he could escape the stifling environment of the Ministry.

The audience was thoroughly impressed by the skills of The Silent Sea cast and reasonably wanted to know more about them. Get to know The Silent Sea cast in this article!

1. Gong Yoo

Gong Yoo is a part of the Silent Sea cast! If you do not know Gong Yoo, then are you even a K-drama fan? He has been making it big through his works like Goblin, Train to Busan, and Coffee Prince. He even went viral among new K-drama fans as the slapping man from Squid Game. The actor made his much-awaited return after five years with The Silent Sea , and he came back with a bang!

the silent sea cast

Gong Yoo

2. Bae Doo Na

The sensational actress Bae Doo Na is a member of the Silent Sea cast! The actress started her professional career as a model in 1989 and is one of the most critically acclaimed actresses in the South Korean industry. A few of her amazing works include Park Chan Wook’s Sympathy For Mr.Vengence, Bong Joon Ho’s Host, Hirokazu Kore-eda’s Air Doll, Wachowski, Cloud Atlas, Jupiter Ascending, and Kingdom. 

the silent sea cast

Bae Doo Na

3. Lee Joon

The final main member of the Silent Sea cast is Lee Joon. He is popular for roles in Gapdong, My Father is Strange, and Bulgasal: Immortal Souls. Not only is Lee Joon a fantastic actor, but he is also a talented K-pop idol. He was a former member of MBLAQ. After leaving the group is became more focused on his acting career. He ended his six years of K-drama drought with Bulgasal: Immortal Souls and The Silent Sea.

the silent sea cast

Lee Joon

Go ahead and watch the awesome acting skills of The Silent Sea cast exclusively on Netflix

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