Truth Be Told Season 2 Ending Explained: Why Shreve Burned Poppy’s Birth Certificate?

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Truth Be Told Season 2
Shreve Burned Poppy's Birth Certificate (CC: Apple TV)

It’s time to talk about Truth Be Told Season 2. Season 2 comes back with new characters, a whole new story, and another season of a podcast. The season 2 Ending is completely shocking. That last moment, that sort of cliffhanger, that shocking moment totally leaves you devastated. I watched the entire season, and I loved it. I got a lot to discuss with it, and let’s jump into the Truth Be Told Season 2 Ending Explained.

Truth Be Told Season 2 will be released on Apple TV Plus on 20th August 2021. It had 10 episodes, each episode is about an hour long, and you have to stay through the entire season because you do not want to miss out on this as it is fantastic. If you love season one, you’re gonna love Season 2.

And since this is an anthology series, which means that you don’t necessarily have to watch season one in order to appreciate season two. I highly suggest that you do, because some of the effects in your main character Poppy here are because of the things that have happened in season one.

Truth Be Told Season 2 Explained

When somebody says, “Truth Be Told,” it’s basically when you are telling someone to tell the truth, which is lying about something. So when you think about just the statement and the title of it, you start to wonder, ‘what does that and how does that imply into this season?’

Well, in this season, Kate Hudson now stars as Micah Keith. She is a media mogul, she has a coke following to a T, and she is childhood friends with Poppy.

Truth Be Told Season 2
Octavia Spencer in “Truth Be Told” season 2 (CC: Apple TV)

Poppy is the main character and is the host and creator of the podcast that has solved the mystery in the first season and put her in a lot of danger. So now she’s back, and she’s kind of wearing her options because, one, she is Devoted to doing that. But she understands the risk of doing it. Because everybody had to target her back.

But so Micah and Poppy, the childhood friends, are put to the ultimate test. And that’s to solve the crime of Micah’s husband, Josh Keith, who was murdered. And Michael says, “I need you. You’re my friend. I need you to investigate this.” Because the cops came in and saw this case as a suicide, and they quickly closed the case.

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And Micah did not believe that that sufficed. So she said, “Poppy, I need you, I need you to investigate. I need you to do another season in your pocket”. And that’s problematic for her because of all the things she encountered from doing it the first time. And some of those dangers decide to come back into play in season 2.

But ultimately, in doing so, Poppy decides that she should do it for a friend. But this now puts the two of them on the journey, where we see two childhood friends who might as well be sisters go almost all to an end, turning against each other and ultimately wanting the demise of one another, in the sense of still loving each other. But it’s all-out war, and we’re gonna see the two of them tested like no other.

Solving Micah’s Husband’s Murder Mystery

So this season really turned everything up a notch. Every bit of this show felt elevated. The cinematography, the plot, the drama, and the score, everything were brought to the next level in this season.

Truth Be Told Season 2
Kate Hudson in Truth Be Told (CC: Apple TV)

And when you think about Kate Hudson as a reoccurring character, you’d know there’s another level of stardom here, and she and her presence as Micah Keith are really felt. And the fact that her husband Josh died in another man’s arms ultimately makes this case even more interesting.

Because they been married, and you’re like, “well, who is this other guy? I’ve never seen this guy. I’ve never heard of this guy.” And the fact that the cops closed it so easily, it just never settled well with anybody.

The first episode was so powerful, and it really set the tone. And not to mention two, it actually explores something that I really didn’t think they were gonna go down. And that’s what the character Marcus was all about. And they explored some black trauma, which was kind of triggering to me, yet it was done in an effective way.

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Because we’re going to see Marcus, who’s no longer a cop, who’s struggling with the lifestyle and society around him, and that includes his wife and who is in the middle gray area of wanting to get back their divorce. But they want to work it out and get back together and try to find balance with that.

Along with Poppy, Marcus just clearly has a sore spot, which ultimately makes that problematic family. He’s no longer a cop, and so he is adjusting to that new lifestyle and the society around him, being a black male ex-former cop. And trust me, it gets real.

Poppy Decides To Help Micah

But much like everybody in this series, no one can be trusted, including the cops. And This is why it’s up to Poppy to really seek out the answers here in this case. And again, this puts her in danger all over again. And with so much evidence around, this ultimately gives her fuel to really put forth the podcast, unlike she’s done no other.

Truth Be Told Season 2
Kate Hudson and Octavia Spencer in Truth Be Told (CC: Apple TV)

And quite frankly, with everything that’s happening around her in her life, she can almost make material from everything. It seems like drama and mystery just follows her in so many different things she does. So if it wasn’t for this murder, she could have easily had another season about something else.

But yeah, now that she decides to the podcast, this also means that the cops are forced to now open up the case again because they forced their hand. And there are a lot of crazy things happening here: There’s a stalker.

There’s a there’s new friends, new foes, things of the past, traumas of the past, family, and all sorts of different things are happening. So Truth Be Told, Season 2 of reconsider Joshua Keith is super interesting folks.

But Poppy’s father is another interesting element of this season. Who’s battling CTE? You have to see how that kind of unfolds and how that affects the family and how that affects everything he does in the bar and everything.

Poopy And Micah’s Friendship

Much like season one, you’re just overly paranoid about how alert everybody is. Because you don’t know who to suspect, that’s why the murder mystery element to this is so good. The thrilling aspect and just the investigative perspective of things.

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It’s just so good with this. Another thing that kind of talks about Poppy here is that we get to go back into her back story along with Micah. We could just see her childhood. And we get to see not only their friendship but the trauma that the two of them have been through together and why they’re so close.

And why even though at times it seems like they war against one another instead of them being together trying to solve the murder, we see why they ultimately have a love for one another, and this it’s a really good story arc between the two of them. And it’s interesting because Poppy has a lot of secrets, and it starts to make sense why she is the way she is.

Truth Be Told Season 2
Octavia Spencer and Ron Cephas Jones in Truth Be Told (CC: Apple TV)

Truth Be Told Season 2 Ending Explained

At the end of Truth Be Told Season 2, we find that Ivy and Martin killed Josua. Ivy, Micah’s business partner, was worried that their firm, Shelter, would fail and that everything they had worked hard for would be for nothing when she learned that Rose had told Joshua that his wife was a phony. Ivy and the ex-policeman joined forces to murder Joshua because Ivy realized Martin had hatred against him.

Ivy and Martin had to also kill Joshua’s son because they hadn’t expected Drew to be with him. Ivy even admits that she and Martin had intended to murder Micah in the process, but they were stopped from doing so when Joshua came home by himself while his wife went out to dinner with Poppy.

Then, in the end, we find out through Poppy’s birth certificate that Poppy and that Shreve is not her real dad. Shreve finally accepts Poppy as a member of his family by burning the birth certificate he had kept for so many years. This might have been influenced in part by the terrifying experience the two of them went through when Martin tried to attack Poppy.

On the other hand, Shreve might recognize how much Poppy has proudly survived throughout her life and feel guilt for it. The fact that he destroys the certificate may also imply that Poppy won’t ever learn that she is an adopted child.

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