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Homecoming Season 3: Is The Show Renewd By Amazon Prime Video?

Preview: Amazon Prime Video's Homecoming Season 3

Homecoming series is co-created by Sam Esmail and Julia Roberts, the Amazon Prime suspense series centers on a shadowy business that ruins certain US soldiers’ memories. In November 2018, the first season was unveiled and the second season of Homecoming was released in May 2020. Want to Know About Homecoming Season 3, this is the perfect place. 18 months after the release of the first season, Amazon Prime Video viewers are now looking forward to learning whether the show will be revived for the third season or not.

Both the seasons of this series have received a huge viewership which makes it clear that Amazin Prime Video might definitely have the same major plans for the third season and as no one would like to end such a successful series in between as it can really disappoint the fans of this series. So, keeping this in mind we have gathered all the major details about the third season of Homecoming which we will be sharing in this article so definitely have a look at it as it can be really exciting for you.

Preview: Amazon Prime Video's Homecoming Season 3

Renewal Status & Release Date

Amazon has not called for season 3 of Homecoming yet. Season 2 is only relatively recent, so we might think that Season 3 will thus not be officially renewed for several weeks. Mixed reviews have been obtained for Homecoming Season 2. Fans of the Amazon Prime series may expect a decision by July, as it is common for streaming services to measure viewership results for a few months after the new release of the season. We can just wait and hope for good news for us all.

The first season of the Homecoming series was released in November 2018 and the second season was dropped out in May 2020, this clearly shows that there is a 2 years gap between every season so it would be difficult for all of us to expect a new season in before 2022. And It seems to be fair to add another six months as a result of COVID-19, which means Homecoming season 3 will not be out until the second half of 2022. Eli Horowitz and Micah Bloomberg, the producers of the series, are really looking forward to the new season.

Preview: Amazon Prime Video's Homecoming Season 3


It is difficult to predict the cast of Homecoming Season 3 as the series has already shown that the team is not afraid to blend the cast. Janelle Monae replaced Julia Roberts only in the second season, while in the second run several new faces were introduced in the cast list including Chris Cooper and Joan Cusack. Other than that Bobby Cannavale in the role of Colin Belfast, Stephan James will be seen as Walter Cruz, Shea Whigham in the role of Thomas Carrasco, Alex Karpovsky will be seen as Craig can also be seen in the lead roles of new seasons.

Now those who want to know about the supporting recurring and guest cast, we can expect Sissy Spacek plays the role of Ellen Bergman, Janelle Monae in the role of Jacqueline Calico, Hong Chau will be seen as Audrey Temple, Chris Cooper in the role of Leonard Geist, Joan Cusack will be seen as Francine Bunda, Lewie Bartone will be seen as New Guy, Kristof Konrad in the role of Mr. Heidl, Fran Kranz playing the role of Ron, Tyler Ritter in the role of Lane, Mary Holland will be seen as Wendy to make a comeback for the third season.

Preview: Amazon Prime Video's Homecoming Season 3

Expected Plot & Recap

Alex accidentally injects herself during a clash with Walter during Homecoming season 2. Still, puzzled by her experience, Alex is crushed by a spiritual group, and not remembered by her girlfriend. It is also disclosed that one day ago, Walter encountered Leonard Geist and then came in disguise for the Spirit Group as a waiter. Alex stares in disgust at the spiritual team as they feel ill by drinking Walter’s beverages. The reason was really not known but it was fascinating watching him like this.

Homecoming Season II finishes with the already ambiguous Alex and learns that as far as Walter is concerned, someone, probably Leonard, has left his file in his car. Fans should expect a third lead to help the existing stories of Walter and Alex if Season 3 gets renewed. Moreover, we have to wait for all the plot details as nothing about Season 3 is revealed yet. So for all the fans of this series, we would like to tell only one thing that if you do not want to miss any significant update about this series, then stay connected to this site.

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