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How to Watch Lost Treasures of Egypt Season 4 Online? Streaming Guide

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With the series releasing new episodes every week, fans are wondering about how to watch Lost Treasures of Egypt Season 4 online. Thus, here we have wrapped up all the information for you guys. The series focuses on a documented style format of narrating the new information which might be lost to the new generation. It is a historical reality tv Series where the cameras follow a team of international archaeologists.

They all get together during the excavation season in Egypt. This new season has also brought forth a variety of secrets from ancient Egypt that the professionals test out and understand and reveal to us. Throughout the season, we can expect to come across some groundbreaking discoveries that will prove everything that we know till now to be fake.

This series is a dream for all those history lovers who would love to know about the very first civilizations and human beings. The explorers, as well as the archaeologists, will have huge access to these locations, which are actually off-limits to the common public who come visiting.

Thus, from the comforts of our home, we can watch the archaeological team as they survey all these locations and battle the harsh temperature and walk through some of the most dangerous terrain and trails of the world to make discoveries that are worth a lifetime.

How to Watch Lost Treasures of Egypt Season 4 Online? Streaming Guide

A still from Lost Treasures of Egypt

How to Watch Lost Treasures of Egypt Season 4 Online? Streaming Guide

Lost Treasures of Egypt Season 4 can be watched when they are broadcast on The National Geographic Channel. As for the time, it actually keeps altering throughout the week. Thus, you will have to check the episode schedule for the day in order to catch the latest episodes live at the correct time. You can check it through the official National Geographic website.

Another option to watch the episodes can be through the website itself. It has all the latest episodes available and even the ones from previous seasons if anyone wants to access it all. Users will need to have a proper login ID and password or sign up in order to have access to the platform. Live streaming options such as Fubo TV or DirecTV are also valid. You will also be able to rent or buy the latest or even the old episodes from Amazon Prime Video or Apple iTunes.

Lost Treasures of Egypt Season 4 – Archaeological Team

The team is provided with all the technological needs that they require while working at the sites. The season has brought forth the experts actually crawling down under the pyramids in the country in order to uncover almost 3000-year-old mummies which have never been seen before. The stuff that they have been buried with also brings a fresh load of historical alignment to all the fans.

In the lead, we generally see Dr. Mohammed Megahed as he walks down inside the pyramids that are insanely huge and belong to the once most powerful Queens of Egypt. Back in the season, we saw his expertise on the matter as he was able to walk down and actually find her burial tomb. This was inaccessible and had never been visited by any human life since it was built back over 4000 years ago. Other explorers include Dr. Kathleen Martinez.

Her most groundbreaking discovery was during the visit to the temple of Taposiris Magna. Here, she is able to find and explore the entire tunnel network that exists beneath the temple and goes back to the time when Cleopatra was alive. While she is down here, Martinez comes across s hidden doorway. She thinks that this is something that could lead her up to the lost tomb of the last Pharoah who ruled Egypt.

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