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Kingdom Chapter 752 Spoilers & Raw Scans: Is Kanki Dead?

Kingdom Chapter 752
Kingdom Manga (Credits: Shueisha)

Kingdom Chapter 752 is the next installment in the series, and fans are awaiting the release of the new chapter. However, before the chapter is released, we have spoilers for the said chapter available at this moment. The recent event in the series has been exciting as we saw Kanki and Naki getting into a fight that was not winnable initially. However, the latter still took the risk and went to fight the unwinnable war.

The previous chapter saw Naki approaching Kanki’s location to save the latter, and as we were very happy to see him arrive, their hope had grown among the fans. However, as the title of this topic suggests, Kanki’s death has been confirmed in the latest chapter. So how did things lead to it? Well, let’s see the full context of Kingdom Chapter 752, thanks to the spoilers we have at this moment. 

We will provide you with the full spoilers for the chapter in this article and what to expect moving on. That said, here we bring you the latest updates on the Kingdom manga series.

Kingdom Chapter 752 Raw Scans And Spoilers

According to the spoilers available for Kingdom Chapter 752, the title of the chapter will be “To The Holy Land,” and the chapter begins with a flashback of the two hot characters of the series at the moment, Naki and Kanki. In a flashback, we see that Naki and Kanki had already discussed this battle, where Naki had noted that it would end the way it is ending.

However, Kanki argued that he is determined by what he has planned to do, and even if it means leading to his death, he says so be it. Thus Kanki and Ringyoku joined forces with Naki. We see that Riboku’s army is brutalizing Naki’s soldiers in the current situation.

When that wasn’t enough, and it led to Naki charging himself to death, the chapter also sees Naki dying from a wound received from a sword and spear. The allied Kanki and Ringyoku couldn’t do anything but see it unfold in their eyes as Naki died.

Then the chapter shift focuses back to Shin as his retreat army. Shin has learned more about Kanki’s past. Shou also reveals the iconic scar on his face under the mask to prove that he was involved with Kanki in his past.

Kanki’s Death

Kohakukou continues doing his bit, killing the soldiers Ringyoku tries to intervene; however, sadly, he has his hand cut in the process. Seeing Ringyoku in a predicament, Kanki finally decided to help his subordinate and charged in for the attack.

As he goes in to attack Kohakukuo, Kanki gets injured by one of the many soldiers of the opposing army; however, he does manage to cut Kohakukuo’s head which makes a small cut. Kanki forces himself to attack Kohakukou in a rage, avoiding the obstacles before him. As a result of unblinding charges, one of the soldier’s spears pierces through this armor.

Kanki and Ringyoku keep the enemy soldiers at bay and start marching at them, hoping to end this brutal war. However, their desperate attempt is nothing more than a desperate attempt as Ringyoku’s arm has already been cut, and moving forward with the soldier injuring his left and right ends up falling and dying.

Like Kanki, he keeps marching valiantly, hoping to end this war, but multiple soldiers are in the way. Close to ten spears manage to stab Kanki’s chest, and his sword is shattered into pieces. Even though Kanki has been stabbed with close to 10 spears, he still manages to reach his friends and soldiers who died.

Elsewhere, some notable characters are happy with how the situation has turned out, including Shio, Raido, Naki, Ringyoku, and Koku’Ou. The last page of the upcoming chapter sees Kanki standing and pointing his sword at Riboku, which almost reaches his nose. Kingdom Chapter 752 will be released on March 19th, 2023, and available to read on Kodansha’s official site.

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