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Will There Be A ‘Call Of The Night’ Season 2?

Call Of The Night Anime
Call Of The Night Season 1

Japanese Manga is known to be quite stimulating, thanks to the unique stories and characters involved. Among so many mangas and anime series, the one that appears to be creating a sensation is ‘Call Of The Night.’

This is a Japanese manga based on an unprecedented premise of a young boy turning into a vampire with the help of a girl, who is a vamp herself. The lead characters steering this manga are Ko Yamori and Nazuna Nanakusa.

The main character in this manga is a young boy Ko Yamori. His ideas and concepts about living life are very different from compared to his school friends. He is not interested in normal events and activities such as relationships or love. This angst within him is a cause of major concern and it acts as a plot device in the narrative.

Ko does not believe in the conventional idea of life which is common among adolescent boys and girls. With a heavy heart and a worn-down persona, he slowly starts dissociating from normal life. Sleep eludes him and he becomes a night owl. To kill time, walking at night appeals to him and he starts taking walks on the streets.

Somehow, he starts enjoying the loneliness and darkness of the night sky during his long walks. Whilst passing his time, he comes across a peculiar girl, Nazuna. Thereafter, a roller-coaster journey follows, which leads to a complete shift in Ko’s life. As the plot of this manga thickens, other aspects of this boy’s life and the girl’s life are revealed, and new details come forward.

Call Of The Night Anime

Call Of The Night Season 1 Credits: CBR

The genre of Japanese Manga is very much admired across the world. One such manga is ‘Yofukashi No Uta’ which has been written and illustrated by Kotoyama. Owing to its immense popularity among manga lovers, it was released as an anime series by the name, ‘Call Of The Night’. The title of the series is metaphorical in nature as it signifies Ko’s transformation during the night.

This anime series was originally broadcast on Fuji TV and had been running since August 2019. The anime series was transformed into an English edition which was released by Viz Media.

Till now, one season of the manga has been telecast on TV and online streaming platforms. Since the run of season one of ‘Call Of The Night,’ it has garnered a lot of admiration and support from fans, manga enthusiasts, and critics alike. Season one has had 13 episodes in total, and the first season ended in September 2022.


Call Of The Night Credits: Star-Crossed Anime

Premise Of The Anime Series And Flashback:

As the first season of the anime series has ended, it is time to recall the most loved moments and the broad storyline of the show. Let us brush up on the happenings of season one before we actually dive into the details of season 2 of ‘Call Of The Night.’

The story starts with Ko, who is an ardent hater of the concept of love. When he finds that the world and the people around him have very different thoughts, he becomes a bit depressed, and due to insomnia, he starts to walk on the roads at night for some peace.

At first, he enjoys the dark and lonely streets bereft of people and feels that he is all alone. Here, the story changes when Nazuna passes him by. They get on well and she promises to be a companion on his long and lonely walks on the empty roads. 

During their time together, he gets attached to this odd yet attractive girl. On an uneventful day, the secret about Nazuna’s life is revealed. Ko gets to know that she is a vamp. This leads to Ko wanting to be a vampire as well. But here is the twist, Ko can only turn into a vampire if he falls in love and that person injects blood in his body. This is the pre-condition for becoming a vampire.

With this new snippet about Nazuna, Ko starts to fall for her and begins the journey of getting transformed into a vampire. It is a story of love filled with fantasy tropes that leave the viewers craving more.

Call Of The Night Season 2 Release Date:

Ever since season one ended, many fans have been incessantly enquiring about the release date of the second season of ‘Call Of The Night.’ Season one ended in the last quarter of 2022, and it is still quite early to speculate anything about the release date of season 2.

The studio responsible for launching the series, Liden Films, has not made any public announcement yet, as to the particulars of season two. The release date has also not been mentioned anywhere since the series has not been officially renewed. But there is still hope for the viewers, and it is highly likely that a new season will be released in the future, perhaps in 2023 or 2024.

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