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Net Worth

Spencer Neville Net Worth

Spencer Neville’s Net Worth
What is Spencer Neville’s Net Worth? Featuring: Spencer Neville Where: Toronto, Ontario, Canada When: 12 Sep 2022 Credit: Captive Camera/Cover Images

What is Spencer Neville’s Net Worth? Spencer Neville is the newest heartthrob in town after starring in the second season of HBO Max’s The Sex Lives of College Girls, that premiered last year on November 17. While talking about his character on the HBO series, Neville described him as the new frat guy that comes in and shakes things up a bit.

The actor admitted that while he was not in a frat, he did hung out with the frat boys and go bars while recalling about this one bar while calling it the coolest place of all bars. It might have been the source of inspiration behind the role that Neville is playing in the HBO series. 

Neville’s movie credits include The Obituary of Tunde Johnson, and The Deleted or Web of Lies. The actor has also opened up about the importance of mental health saying how weekly therapy has been the most transformative thing ever for him.

What Is Spencer Neville’s Net Worth?

Spencer Neville’s net worth is estimated to be something around $2- $8 million. Spencer Neville has guest starred in shows such as Good Trouble, Ozark, and American Horror Story. He also bagged a role in Days of Our Lives from 2014 to 2016, playing the character named Derrick. He also stars in a film titled Devotion. 

Spencer Neville’s Net Worth

What is Spencer Neville’s Net Worth?

Neville’s personal life also grabbed media attention after he was spotted with Riverdale star Lili Reinhart as the two were seen partying in the desert during Coachella 2022.  A source has further confirmed that the alleged pair is casually seeing each other.

Who is Spencer  Neville dating?

Spencer  Neville was earlier reportedly dating Riverdale star Lili Reinhart. A source earlier stated how the actress was earlier spending a lot of time focusing on herself and that Neville is the first person she has shown interested in since her public breakup with Riverdale co-star Cole Sprouse, who she dated for three years from 2017 to 2020.

The source said that everyone around her could see that Lili looks very happy right now and her friends also approves of him as they think  Spencer is great. The source also added that the alleged pair were very playful together at the music festival and that they spend the entire weekend together and had a lot of fun.

The alleged couple were photographed walking arm-in-arm while wearing matching outfits of pink and white. They each posted about the event separately on Instagram, though eagle-eyed followers observed how Reinhart liked Neville’s post, in which he shared a few pictures of the event and a few photos of himself, with a caption that said, What a time.

However, the pair soon sparked break-up rumours just a few months later in August 2022, after eagle-eyed social media followers were quick to notice that Lili and Spencer have stopped following each other on Instagram.

Spencer Neville Reveals One Upcoming Project!

When asked about any upcoming projects, Neville revealed how he is developing a project with artist Joe Jonas and Black Label Media pals from Devotion while explaining how it is an idea that he and Joe have been going back and forth on for a while now, and admitted that it has been fulfilling to look at things through a different lens as a producer of something in contrast to just receiving a script solely as an actor.

Spencer Neville’s Net Worth

Spencer Neville

The Ozark actor has also revealed how he sees Jonathan Majors as his biggest inspiration while admitting how he feels so lucky enough to have been able to work with him and got to learn so much from him. Neville further added how he loves to listen to him speak about life and his process of acting while calling him the most soulful and present person he has ever met as he believes to elevate the people around him. Neville concludes by saying how Jonathan has been a huge inspiration for him over the past couple of years.

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