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Spoilers and Preview: Kengan Omega Chapter 100

Kengan Omega

This week we will be focusing on Kengan Omega Chapter 100 Release, and the latest updates titled ”Swing.” Let’s find out how the battle between Jurota and Hayami continues here. Teddy Nelner had a meeting with Kushida Rina in France, Nice. He rejected the offer from Madeoi Selle. Teddy said that he could not join the underworld since he is the face of French martial arts. Teddy is a Judo 100kg+ class world champion.

He told Madeoi that he is ready to help him with anything except for that offer. Teddy tells Madeoi that many people will be interested in his organization, and he will connect him with good people. Madeoi left, saying that Teddy will call him when he has something to help with. Kushida Rin arrives, and Teddy offers her Baron Je Lelouch, 2015 vintage. He asks her to start talking since the visitor will take time to arrive.

Kengan Omega Chapter 100 Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 100 will release on Thursday, 6 March 2021. Kenga Omega Chapters are released every Thursday. Try more updates here: Kengan Omega Chapter 99 was released last week. We will be looking at the chapter’s highlights soon. The spoilers of Kengan Omega Chapter 100 will be released this week. We will update them as soon as we get them.

Kengan Omega Chapter 99 Highlights

Rin reveals that her organization is in the middle of a competition with Purgatory. If the Kengan Association loses, then the deal is off. Rin said she hopes that will not happen. Kushida Rin is Yamashita Trading CO and a fighter scouting department head. Teddy told her that he has heard about her solid line up including his friend Gaolang. He praised her that she has done a fantastic job choosing famous fighters from public and underground martial arts.

JudoWorld Class Championship 

Rin asks Teddy if he is aware that Arashiyama Jurota is on Purgatory’s side. He replies no, but he knows that Jurota is from underground. Teddy reveals that he has never met Jurota in person, and he is ten years younger than Jurota. He also reveals that in the past 20 years ago Jurota won the Judo world championship at 100kg+ class division. But he disappeared in the public and underground martial arts scenes.

Teddy comments that looking at Jurota’s career, he is not famous. But he is not sure if he could beat him if he fought him back then. If Jurota has surpassed his limit, Kengan Association fighters are in trouble. Back to the fighting Arena, Hayami manages to get up in the count of eight after being taken down. He thinks that if he doesn’t change his fighting tactics, he will be beaten. Kazuo is surprised by Jurota’s last takedown since he didn’t see him moving.

Koga asks if Jurota throws Hayami away, and Ohma is wondering why he didn’t see that technique. It was Hayami who moved first, but he was the one who was thrown. Kazuo wonders what trick Jurota is using. For the second time, Hamayi got pinned with the ground and smashed it. Commentator Sayaka shouts that it has happened again Hayami has been thrown into the ring twice. Ref Shin Alisa started to countdown as they watch a replay.

Kengan Omega

Kengan Omega

Art of Throwing

Jerry finds that Hayam made the first move like last time and get a throw. They try to play the video in slow motion, but they can see what happened. They started to think that Jurota might be pinching Hayama’s sleeve between his finger when taking him down. At the stand, Lolong comments that a throw requires two separate actions. He notices that Jurota first grabbed Hayami and then throws him. Jurota is also capable of throwing without grabbing.

He has no weakness in his throw since the time between grab and throw is the biggest weakness. Hayami made a better comeback than before, and he’s back on his feet at a count of six. He uses a summerset to beat the countdown. Hayami thought he could pull something better than before. But he gets banged with the ground again, and he realizes that Jurota has developed a new kind of throw.

Jurota has perfected a swing by mastering the art of throwing his opponent without grabbing them. He can swing an opponent just like he is swinging a sword. Kazuo realizes that Jurota was not using the Purgatory technique that why they couldn’t see anything. Koga wonders if it is possible for Jurota to do that. Ohma comments that Jurota has mastered the art of the center of gravity.

Master of Throw

Kengan Omega

Kengan Omega

Okubo thinks Juroto is more skilled in those techniques than he is, and he is also more skilled than Ohma. Agito thinks it is difficult to choose between the Niko Style Anamalganation of Four Style. Ohma asks Agito if he can do what Jurota is doing, and he said no. Agito comments that he has never met a master of a throw like Jurota. On the other side, Gensai said he was not expecting a fighter like Jurota in the arena.

He realizes that Jurota is on the same level as him and Kirimi asks if Jurota is a monster. At the ring, Jurota is surprised that all the time Hayami gets up, his countdown drops. The first countdown was eight, the second was six, and now he gets up on five. Hayami looks at Jurota and notices that he is getting fast, but he is making him bleed. He told Jurota that they can still continue even if he is three times stronger than him.

We have not yet found any official way to read the latest chapter of Kengan Omega. You can visit Manga One magazine and mobile app to read and get more updates on Kengan Omega. Let’s meet again when the new chapter is released on Thursday.

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