Naruto Hinata Animation Leaked By ‘Naruto’ Animator!

When it comes to Naruto, fans are ride-or-die with their ships. Masashi Kishimoto might not have planned for the series to end up as a sentimental one, yet the world has made some exceptional OTPs for its favorite characters. Obviously, Naruto and Hinata’s sentiment stays one of its greatest, and the individuals who supports the pairing just got an amazing surprise.

All things considered, one of Naruto’s fan-favorite loved artists simply posted one NSFW clasp of the couple making the most of their time in bed together. No, truly.

Over on Twitter, Cheng Xi Huang posted a now-erased activity he did of Naruto and Hinata. The short animation, which can be found underneath, indicates Hinata awakening in bed. The ninja has her front scarcely secured with a cover, and Hinata looks a bit lethargic (sleepy). Be that as it may, she gets occupied when Naruto comes up from the bed to hold her.


The blonde haired ninja is seen shirtless as he pushes away Hinata’s sweeping, uncovering her chest. In any case, fans are not allowed to take a look at Hinata naked as Naruto covers her chest with his hands. Naruto grins before he drags Hinata back to bed, and the NSFW reel has got fans becoming flushed.

Unfortunately, the animator has since deleted the reel from his official channels. Huang was inundated with hate from sects of fans who were unhappy with the reel. Some were angry Huang made an overtly s–ual animation about Naruto despite Kishimoto’s disinterest in romance. Others were angry NaruHina got the s-xy animation rather than Sasuke and Sakura.

After deleting the post, Huang posted a short message on Twitter explaining why he got rid of it. The animator said he did the animation just for practice and didn’t mean for it to offend anyone. He chose to delete the reel since some fans did take offense to the reel, but NaruHina supporters managed to snap the clip before it went dark.

Written by Jaskaran Oberoi

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