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18 Again Ending Explained: Living Two Lives is Challenging

18 Again Review
18 Again Review

18 Again is a South Korean TV series that’s based on the 2009 film 17 Again by Jason Filardi. It stars Kim Ha-neul, Yoon Sang-Hyun, and Lee Do-Hyun in lead roles. The show aired on JTBC between September and November 2020. The series is now available on Netflix, iQIYI, and Viu to stream. The fantasy coming-of-age drama is directed by Ha Byung-hoon. Ahn Eun-bin, Choi Yi-ryool, and Kim Do-Yeon have written the series. Jo Young-jik and Byun Ji-soo handle the cinematography of the show. At the same time, Ha Byung-hoon is the editor. Kim Ji-won and Park Woo-ram are the producers, while Im Byung-hoon serves as the executive producer.

The cast includes Yoon Sang-Hyun, who plays Hong Dae-young. He plays the drama counterpart of 37-year-old Mike O’Donnell in the original film. Matthew Perry played that part in the original film. Lee Do-Hyun plays the 18-year-old Hong Dae-young turned Go Woo-young. He’s the drama counterpart of 37-year-old Mike O’Donnell turned Mark Gold. Zac Efron played the character in the original film. Kim Ha-neul plays Jung Da-jung. She’s the drama counterpart of 37-year-old Scarlett O’Donnell. In the original film, Leslie Mann played the part. Roh Jeong-eui plays Hong Shi-ah, the older twin daughter of Hong Dae-young and Jung Da-Jung. Ryeokun plays Hong Shi-woo, the younger twin son of Hong Dae-young and Jung Da-Jung. Kim Mi-kyung plays Yeo In-ja, mother of Jung Da-jung. Lee Byung-Joon plays Hong Joo-man, the father of Hong Dae-young.

18 Again cast

The cast of 18 Again.

What’s the Show About? Plot Synopsis

The story revolves around a married couple — Jung Da-Jung and Hong Dae-young. They have a set of fraternal twins — Hong Shi-ah and Hong Shi-woo. The couple has a pretty good married life despite having children at a relatively young age. They also have financial problems, and yet life is pretty good. However, years down the line, their marriage does start to crumble. Da-Jung files for divorce, and his 18-year-old twins also start ignoring him, except for when they want pocket money. If that’s not enough, he soon loses his job too. His boss promotes his nephew, who has had only 4 years of experience. Dae-young is relocated to Busan. He now wishes to wind back the clock on his life and go back in time. That’s when the miracle happens, and his 37-year-old body morphs into his 18-year-old body. He begins afresh, under the alias, “Go Woo-young.”

He attends his twins’ school, Serim High School. It’s also the school that he and Da-Jung attended 18 years ago. As he begins his life as Go Woo-young, he learns a lot of things about his children. He learns that his daughter Shi-ah is working a part-time job at a convenience store without his permission. At the same time, his son Shi-woo faces abuse at school at the hands of captain Goo Ja-sung. He also learns about his son’s talent in basketball and passion for the game. Shi-woo always has his interest and talent for the game from Dae-young. He now realizes the reason behind his marriage crumbling was his absence and distance from his family. He resolves to use this second chance at life to the right his wrong, protect his children by befriending them. The show follows his efforts at saving his family as an 18-year-old boy.

18 Again Ending episode

A still from 18 Again (2021).

18 Again Ending Explained

Dae had to make the decision that he had to make eighteen years ago. He has to again choose between his dream and his family. The old man gave him a chance to take another swing at life. If he has chosen to play the game and accept the scout’s offer, he would have stayed as he was. He would have continued to play basketball and live his dream, most probably. But that didn’t happen. Instead, he learned a lesson about gratitude. He got to live another life, but ultimately he had this second chance to be there for his family. He learned about his past mistakes, and now he wants to live as an amazing father and husband.

And his decision also led to his return to his old self. Dae-young chose his family over his dream, to be the father and husband he wanted and strove to be. He was always a good person, but along the way, he grew emotionally distant and absent. He forgot how to listen or respect his family. But now he knows what he wants to do. He can’t keep living the alternate life when he now has the understanding to bring his family together for good.

Watch the trailer of 18 Again here;

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