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Top Facts About the Irish Charm ‘Saoirse Ronan’

She’s talented, she’s charismatic, beautiful, young, and elegant. What’s not to love about a movie star who is genuinely good at what she’s doing? Saoirse Ronan is a figure who is certainly no stranger to film lovers. The main character of the film ‘Brooklyn’ and ‘Lady Bird’ has her mark to the Hollywood industry as one of the greatest young actress working today. The actress whose full name is Saoirse Una Ronan was born on April 12, 1994. She started her acting career in the Irish drama The Clinic in 2003 and she just gets better and better from there.

Starting the year 2020, Saoirse is reaping praise through her appearance in the film Little Women. She returned to work with Greta Gerwig, the director who also directed the critically acclaimed movie ‘Lady Bird’ in 2017 which got Saoirse a Golden Globe for Best Actress. She is an artist of Irish and American descent. Here are 5 facts about Saoirse Ronan that you should know.

1. She never reads the reviews of the films she has played in

Saoirse in Lady Bird (2017)

Saoirse Ronan is a person who doesn’t really pay attention to the film reviews he has played either on social media or reviews from film critics. She doesn’t really care about the public’s assumptions about her. According to her, this is something that is natural for someone not to think too much about the assumptions or views of others. We conclude that this is a very Lady Bird-ish attitude from her.

2. She also starred several times in the video clip of famous songs

Saoirse Ronan with Ed Sheeran

Apart from being a movie star, she has also starred in several video clips of songs from top musicians. The music videos include Galway Girl from her fellow Irish superstar Ed Sheeran, Cherry Wine from Hozier, and Garden’s Heart from Bat for Lashes.

Funnily though, most people seemed to not notice this when the videos came out. only when Saoirse’s name became popular and trending in middle 2018, fans noticed that the 26-year-old actress is the girl starring in the music video. in ‘Galway Girl’, she makes a POV girlfriend wandering through a fun night in the Irish city. Making people imagine what it feels like to date a beautiful actress.

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3. Saoirse Ronan is the youngest artist in history to be nominated for an Oscar in Best Actress after Jennifer Lawrence

Saoirse, 12, playing the role of Briony Tallis in ‘Atonement’

In 2016, Saoirse Ronan became the youngest artist to be nominated for an Oscar in the Best Actress category. She became one of the youngest artists to be nominated for an Oscar at that time. Apart from herself, previously there were several artists who were also the youngest artists to be nominated such as Jennifer Lawrence and Quvenzhané Wallis.

A few years prior, she was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Supporting Actress category when she was just 12 years old for her role as Briony Tallis in Ian McEwan’s hugely popular literary novel ‘Atonement’ in 2008.

4. Comes from a family of film actors

Saoirse Ronan brings her family to a red carpet

Saoirse Ronan was born to Paul Ronan and Monica (née Brennan). Paul Ronan is an actor who has many flying hours. He has played for the films New York Undercover and Ballykissangel which is one of the famous series in Ireland. Meanwhile, Monica’s mother has been in acting since she was a child. From Ireland, Saoirse went to Hollywood and then debuted on the big screen through the comedy ‘I Could Never Be Your Woman’ (2007) and her whole career was taking off from there. No wonder Saoirse Ronan has great acting passed down from her parents.

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5. Saoirse Ronan has won 65 awards throughout her career

Saoirse at the Met Gala

Nobody expected that the 26-year-old girl had won 65 awards. She also managed to enter 133 nominations in various categories. She has won the best actress category at various awards such as the Golden Globe Awards, Film Critic Awards, AACTA International Awards, and Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association Award. However, fans have been waiting for the Irish brilliance to come up with an Oscar in the Best Actress category one day, inclining that she deserves it after everything she’s accomplished.

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6. She’s in her prime since 2018 and still continuing

Thanks to Lady Bird, she took home the Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy Film at the 2018 Golden Globe and was nominated for Best Actress at the Oscars. The competition in this particular nomination was strict enough to make everyone gasp. There was Hellen Mirren for ‘‘The Leisure Seeker, Emma Stone for ‘Battle of the Sexes’ and Margot Robbie for ‘I, Tonya’, but Saoirse as an underdog out of the nominees ended up snatching the award from all of them.

Later on, Saoirse played the role of an 18th-century woman named Jo March based on a beloved classic American novel ‘Little Women’. She co-starred with rising American actor Timothée Chalamet. Little Woman itself was directed by female director Greta Gerwig, who happened to also direct Lady Bird. Just a month of release in America, Little Women has brought Saoirse to the nomination for Best Actress at the Golden Globe and the British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA). Every appearance of Saoirse is always flooded with praise and nominations for prestigious awards. It is not a gag to say that Saoirse will definitely someday win the Oscars to stop her losing streaks. After Little Women, Saoirse will star in the German-American comedy The French Dispatch, and the British-Australian production film Ammonite, which co-stars Kate Winslet.

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