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Fox Fall Lineup 2022: The Shows To Look Out For

Fox Fall Lineup 2022
Fox Fall Lineup 2022

September means that the leaves begin to turn, kids go back to school and major television networks ramp up their content to compete with each other for your attention with serials, competition shows, and reality television. And in the case of mega titan, Fox is no different. What is the Fox Fall lineup 2022? Today, we bring you a handy guide. So you can mark up that calendar and start making time between your daily activities for some night relaxation. 

Fox is home to some great animation productions and competition series like The Simpsons, The Masked Singer, and Family Guy. And the fall premiere season will bring you to brand new dramas like the upcoming Country-music soap opera Monarch, which seems promising among the network’s roster of things. Now, without further ado, let’s begin covering this exciting topic!

Fox Fall Lineup 2022

Whether it’s The Resident, 9-1-1, or The Cleaning Lady, all these shows and many more are back!

Fox Fall Lineup 2022  — Sunday Night 

20:00 hrs Monarch (new series starring Susan Sarandon) (Premieres on September 11 after the NFL, after that, catch it on Tuesdays!)
20:00 hrs The Simpsons (Premieres on September 25)
20:30 hrs The Great North (Premieres on September 25)
21:00 hrs Bob’s Burgers (Premieres on September 25)
21:30 Family Guy

Fox Fall Lineup 2022 — Monday Night

20:00 hrs 9-1-1 (Premieres on September 19)
21:00 hrs The Cleaning Lady (Premieres on September 19)

Fox Fall Lineup 2022 — Tuesday Night 

20:00 hrs The Resident (Premieres on September 20)
21:00 hrs Monarch (new series starring Susan Sarandon) (Premieres on September 20 in its regular time slot)

Fox Fall Lineup 2022 — Wednesday Night 

20:00 hrs The Masked Singer (Premieres on September 21)
21:00 hrs Lego Masters (Premieres on September 21)

Fox Fall Lineup 2022 — Thursday Night

20:00 hrs Hell’s Kitchen (Premieres on September 29)
21:00 hrs Welcome to Flatch (Premieres on September 29)
21:30 hrs Call me Kat (Premieres on September 29)

Fox Midseasons for 2022

The midseasons for Fox in Fall are two new dramas: “Alert” and “Accused” and 9-1-1: Lone Star. And also two animated series: Grimsburg and Krapapolis, however, the details are scarce, and the network will make them public later on. 

Fox Fall Lineup 2022 — Friday Night

20:00 hrs WWE Friday Night Smackdown returns for the whole year! 

So, what do you think? Are you watching any of these shows? Surely you must follow some of these! If you are, let us know in the comments. Follow us on Facebook and be sure to keep coming back to Otakukart to read our recaps and latest developments on these and all your favorite shows that will soon come your way on your screen. That’s all the time we have for this topic today, until next time. Happy streaming!

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