Jeffrey Dahmer Controversy Explained & Why We Should Be Concerned

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Serail Killer Jeffrey Dahmer Controversy Explained & Why We Should Be Concerned
Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer

Netflix’s newest crime thriller TV show, named Dahmer – Monster: Jeffrey Dahmer, debuted on 21 September 2022 on Netflix. After its release, it created a lot of buzz on the internet. The show is based on real-life serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, a notorious serial killer who committed several hideous crimes like killing men, cutting their body parts, committing cannibalism, and also necrophilia. He was a truly disturbing person in my opinion.

After its release, the show took the no 1 spot of the most-watched TV show on Netflix & this show became really popular on the internet due to its portrayal of the real-life shocking crimes that were committed by Dahmer.

But along with that, this show also created lots of controversies and brought up one of the most important topics which should concern every human being. But before we unravel that, let’s try to understand what the Jeffery Dahmer controversy is all about.

What is The Jeffery Dahmer Controversy?

As we all know, Netflix is one of our generation’s top OTT streaming platforms, which is responsible for producing some of the best TV shows of all time. Shows like Squid Game, Stranger Things, The Haunting Of Hill House, House Of Cards, etc… the shows range from action, drama, thriller & comedy.

But recently, Netflix has capitalized on a genre that has a very different kind of niche audience & that genre is true crime. In recent years Netflix has produced several true crime TV shows & true crime documentaries, in both cases

Netflix always tried to pick a real-life crime story that many people are not aware of, but the story is so shocking and unbelievable that when it comes out to the public, it will definitely blow everyone’s mind. Using this formula, Netflix released several true crime shows on its platform. Shows like “Don’t F**k With Cats”, “Tiger King”, “Making a Murderer” & “Evil Genius”, etc…

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True Crime TV show's Controversy
Characters from Evil Genius

Audiences loved these shows, and several of them topped the charts of Netflix’s most-viewed TV shows. For audiences, it was a really entertaining experience, watching a thrilling show about a serial killer, the different ways he kills his victims, and the cat and mouse chase between him and the police. It was all really interesting to watch.

But fundamentally, this kind of show has a really big flaw. Regarding the ethics and the amount of human concern these shows have. Generally speaking, true crime shows have been one of the most liked shows among the younger audience. The shocking crime and fascinating details never fail to amaze us. But what about the real-life victims and their families who are portrayed in this show? Does it not affect them?

One of the controversies that Dahmer created was the portrayal of victims in the TV show. According to Netflix, through this show, they will try to give a voice to all the victims of the serial killer Dahmer. But the victim’s family has something else to say. They claim that “Netflix did not ask for their permission regarding this matter”.

One of the victim’s family members said in an interview that “Netflix should have asked for our permission or at least should have asked us how we felt about making the show”, “But Netflix did not ask us anything, they just made the show”. This a complete contradiction to the statement Netflix gave Vs reality.

Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer Controversy Explained & Why We Should Be Concerned
Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer

What does Dahmer’s Controversy tell us About Our Society?

After its release, the character Jeffrey Dahmer became extremely popular on the internet.  Even Jeffrey’s sunglasses which he used to wear in real life, got sold in an auction for “$150,000.” This is the craze that Netflix’s newest show Dahmer has created.

But in all this buzz & craze, we have completely forgotten that what might be entertaining for us could be traumatizing for the victim’s family. We know what kind of a man Dahmer was, it would be shameful for us to call him a human being. And as a viewer, one of the most insensitive things we could do is glamourize the serial killer.

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Yes, many tik tokers have taken the advantage of Dahmer’s craze & have created videos of him, glamourizing his crimes. Some even went on saying, “how attractive Dahmer looks”. However, the most insane insensitive thing one could do is sympathize with the serial killer. Many people showed their sympathy towards Dahmer & his rough childhood, how he was lonely in life and was so misunderstood by people.

This kind of reaction & behavior of the audience should really raise some concerns for humankind. We are now living in a society where people sympathize with serial killers. But the real question that comes here is, can we say anything that we feel just because our family, relatives & friends were not the victims?

Now whatever the case may be, this is reality. The show Dahmer is now one of the most viewed TV shows on Netflix, with over 700 Million + of watch hours. This is the legacy of Netflix’s newest TV show.

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