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Kuruluş: Osman Season 4 Episode 18: Release Date, Spoilers & Streaming Guide

Kuruluş Osman Historical Action Turkish Series Season 4 Episode 18 Release Date
Kuruluş Osman Season 4 Episode 18 Release Date

The Turkish historical drama Kuruluş: Osman, starring Burak zçivit as the lead character, was created by Mehmet Bozda. Airing it’s first episode on November 20, 2019 the series has since had 4 seasons come out with the latest being that of Season 4.

This Historical Turkish drama a continuation to Dirilis: Ertugrul revolves around Ertugrul’s son, Osman Ghazi, and his external as well as internal struggles with building and establishing the Ottoman empire. 

Kuruluş: Osman describes Osman’s battle with Byzantium and the Mongol Ilkhanate, and how he was able to gain freedom from the Sultanate of Rum in order to build a sovereign kingdom that would challenge the Byzantine and Mongol Empire, whilst uphold Turkish culture.

The show illustrates how Osman, despite the hardships that came his way, was able to counter them with the support of his friends and family.

To know more about the show and the release date of it’s latest episode, stay tuned ! This article will be providing all the necessary information regarding it’s latest season and a watch guide to binge this hair-raising series! 

Synopsis of Kuruluş: Osman Season 4 

Kantakuzenos, one of the Byzantine throne’s heirs, attempts to kill Andronikos and take over as emperor at Constantinople. Through his spies in the city, Osman learns about this scheme, and he ends up saving Andronikos’ life.

Kuruluş Osman Historical Turkish Drama Season 4 Episode 18 Synopsis

Kuruluş Osman Season 4 Synopsis

Kantakuzenos and his buddy Olof were furious at this setback. Together, they accuse Alcicek and Ktem Bey, one of Osman’s subordinate Beys for this mishap. Osman, however, thwarts their schemes and establishes their innocence. Amid all of this, Alcicek and Aktemur (Gunduz’s son, Osman’s nephew, and the Subaşi of Yenişehir) are seen falling in love. 

Osman takes control of Marmara Hisar (located in modern-day Marmarack). As a result of receiving his share of the conquest loot later than expected, Bayindir Bey of the Avuldur tribe (another subordinate Bey of Osman who took part in this conquest) becomes enraged and complains about Osman to Ismihan Sultan, mother of Sultan Alaeddin Kayqubad III, the current Seljuk Sultan.

Ismihan arrives in Yenişehir out of concern about Osman’s expanding authority and joins forces with Kantakuzenos, Olof, and Bayindir to overthrow Osman. Osman chooses to reinstall Sultan Mesud, Alaeddin’s uncle who was ousted, as ruler in the meantime.

Osman suffers significant damage as a result of Ismihan infecting Yenişehir with a plague and nearly killing him. Kantakuzenos’ execution by Osman, however, thwarts all of her intentions. Samagar, a Mongol commander, is also put to death during the ensuing conflict.

Cast of Kuruluş: Osman Season 4

This lengthy yet thrilling Turkish series boats of a great cast and crew. With their real-to-life acting and attempt to accurately represent the emotions of their characters, Burak Ocivit, Ozge Torer and Yigit Ucan help make the show more captivating than ever!

Burak Ocivit

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 18 Turkish Historical Adventure drama

Kurulus Osman| Burak Özçivit

This 38 year old Turkish Actor plays the role of Osman Bey in Kuruluş: Osman. Best known for his roles in ‘Çalıkuşu’ and ‘Kara Sevda’, Burak has shown great enthusiasm with his role as Osman.

In this adventurous historical based drama, Burak tries to capture the essence of Osman’s passion towards creating the Ottoman Empire, and succeeds in doing so as well! 

Ozge Torer

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 18 Release Date Historical Turkish Drama

Kurulus Osman| Özge Törer

Ozge Torer as compared to Burak is still a novice in the industry. However, this does not mean she falls short of the skills required in the acting field! 

This 34 year old Turkish Actress has been critically acclaimed through her role as Bala Hatun in Kuruluş: Osman. Showing great chemistry between her character and Osman, Ozge portrays a powerful and strong woman in this daunting series. 

Release Date of Kuruluş: Osman Season 4  Episode 19

Episode 18 of Kuruluş: Osman Season 4 will be releasing on 8th February, 2023. With episodes releasing every Wednesday, the release date and time of Kuruluş: Osman Season 4’s upcoming episode is given below:

  • 8th February 12:00 am (EST)
  • 8th February 8:00 am (TRT)
  • 8th February 10:30 am (IST)
  • 8th February 10:00 am (PKT)
  • 8th February 1:00 pm (MYT)
  • 8th February 1:00 pm (PHT)
  • 8th February 12:00 pm (Bekasi, Indonesia) 

Where to Watch Kuruluş: Osman Season 4  Episode 18

All episodes of Kuruluş: Osman Season 4 including Episode 18 will be available to stream on ATV. For all those interested in action-packed thrilling series- this might just be the one you’re looking for! Don’t wait and start binging this Historical Turkish series and give yourself an adrenaline rush!

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