The Strays Ending Explained: What Cheryl’s Choice Meant?

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The Strays

The Strays is a British Horror movie released in 2023. It is written and directed by Nathaniel Martello-White, and this is his directorial debut. Valentina Brazzini, Tristan Goligher, and Rob Watson are the producers of the movie.

The stars of the movie include Ashley Madekwe, Bukky Bakray, Jorden Myrie, Samuel Small, Maria Almeida, Justin Salinger, Lucy Liemann, Tom Andrews, Rob Jarvis, Michael Warburton, Alastair Ellery, Vanessa Bailey, Joanna Brookes.

Air Street Films and The Bureau are the production companies of the movie The Strays. The movie was released on 23 February 2023 on Netflix. The running time of the movie is 100 minutes.

The Strays
The Strays

The story of The Strays felt more like a mix of movies like Get Out and Parasite. The story of the movie revolves around a woman whose life is picture-perfect as she is living with her family in the suburbs. But her life is about to get upside down because the ghosts of her past are tormenting her in the present. Ashely Madekwe is seen in the role of Cheryl, the protagonist of the movie.

The movie is started by showing a black woman who escapes an abusive relationship. After this opening sequence, that woman Cheryl was seen leaving a note saying ‘Stepping Out.’ Now the story takes us a few years ahead from that opening sequence. What happens next? Let us discuss it in another section. But before diving into the plot of the movie.

Let us learn some more interesting things about the movie The Strays. It has been a misconception that domestic violence and being in an abusive relationship is normal, especially in the United Kingdom. The movie also revolves around this theme. 

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Plot Of The Strays

Some find the movie unsettling but, at the same time, unspectacular too. If you are wealthy, then you will have some deep dark secrets buried somewhere. After escaping her abusive relationship, Cheryl has now changed her identity to Neve and now rebranded herself as an upper-middle-class elite.

Neve is Black, but she can easily pass for white. We can see a twist of genetics that gave her the confidence to change her identity completely. Neve is married to a white man named Ian, played by Justin Sallinger. They together have two children, Mary and Sebastian, played by Maria Almeida and Samuel Small, respectively.  

The Strays
The Strays: Plot Details

Mary and Sebastian perfectly passed for white. It is 2023 we still live in a world where everybody is judged based on the color of their skin. It is pathetic indeed. It has also been known that Cheryl, now Neve stepped out on her two black children from her previous marriage.

But those children have now tracked her down. The Strays has been divided into many parts the previous life of Cheryl and her current life as Neve. Cheryl paid them by giving them a check for £20,000. Her firstborn kids, Carl and Dione, are played by Joden Myrie and Bukky Bakray, respectively. 

The director of the movie Nathaniel Martello-White told in an interview that the movie The Strays is based on a real-life story of a woman who in real life denied the fact that she already had two black children from her previous marriage. 

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What Happened At The End Of The Strays?

Things started to take an upside turn when Carl and Dion visited Neve and Ian’s home. Carl and Dione faced severe physiological trauma in their lives after their mother abandoned them. It was made clear that Ian would never raise two black children of his own, so raising someone else’s children was out of the picture. He was concerned about what the neighbors said to him and thought about him.

The Strays
The Strays: Ending Explained

Cheryl ends up being the villain of her own story and her family. She is ashamed of her black heritage. In the end, Cheryl abandoned all her four children, making them, as the title suggests, The Strays. Still today, there is cast war, and people are judged on the basis of their race and color. Cheryl also judged herself and never made peace with herself. 

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