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Disney’s Mulan Movie Review: Another Failed Liveaction Remake?

We expect the movie creators to do better after so many failed live-action films but they seem to stick with their strategy to ruin the classics. Mulan was a 90’s classic animated movie about a Chinese girl that left her home to fight for her country. The remake live-action was released this Friday and let me tell you, its nothing like you expect it to. The plot points changed quite a lot from the original movie and it will leave you sour at the end.

This article is a full review of the movie and there will be minor spoilers.

Mulan was announced at the end of last year after Disney did well with their Lion King remake. They have also made Alladin in this line-up of Live-action movies. In comparison, this year, Mulan will be getting the same response as Alladin. It was enjoyable but something was missing. It was the lack of drama throughout the movie. There was no character development or anything. It rushed through to the end expecting the audience to follow through with it. But it left the opposite effect.

Disney made a lot of effort in casting a full Asian cast for the film but even the stars like Donnie Yen and Jet Li could not save a poorly scripted film. Both these actors did well for their characters for the most part. The rest of the cast did some fine job as well. However, the screenplay was very forced and took away most of the interest in the first thirty minutes.

A lot was done wrong but I wanna point some of the bad things out. The antagonists for this remake were presented very poorly. You will keep guessing till the end that who is leading the attack, the evil man or the Witch. At the start, it felt like all the men were following the Witch to attack the Chinese army. Later, Bori Khan, the leader of Rourans, takes over the command wanting revenge for his father. In the end, the witch sacrifices herself for Mulan after briefly meeting her. It makes you wonder why was the Witch forced into the mix anyway?

It was also disappointing to see that  Chen Honghui was turned into a side character and Commander Tung become the captain in charge. We saw him leading from the front as Li Shang in the original movie becoming an inspiration for Mulan. They both fall for each other along the way. But in this film, Mulan was on the lead in every single way.  He had no importance in the entire plot and become just like the rest of the team for Mulan in the end. There was no special romantic connection between them except for a few little moments.

I also want to point at the community created around Mulan at the start of the movie. She is told that a woman has to bring honor to the family by behaving well and stay true to herself. She must become a good wife for her husband. Then, she is rejected over the interruption made by a spider. For the most part, the scene was not even funny. But it shows how this scene was controlled to give the worst possible depiction of a community.

Now that it is mentioned, the lack of humor in the film made for a young audience was very disappointing. From the start of the film, the serious stuff started and it never gave us a chance to laugh. Even the scenes made for a light laugh were not worth it. A positive point, in the end, the Music for the film was excellent. The timing was perfect but it showed that we are watching a War movie rather than a children’s film. Enough criticism, let us rate the movie

Rating: 5/10 (Average)

What did you think about the movie? Where would you rate it? 

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