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Who is Adam Rippon’s Partner? Is He Married?

Adam Rippon's partner

Adam Rippon’s personal life has been very buzzing these days, since recently the American skater got married, and people have been dying to know more details about his partner and every single thing related to their marriage.

Adam Rippon is an American professional skater, being a 2016’s U.S. national champion and a two-time gold medalist in the Grand Pix series, he is America’s biggest figure skater and has, over the years, made a great name for himself in the skating industry. He is also known as one of the first openly gay athletes who qualified for the Winter Olympics

But recently, Adam Rippon got married and everyone right now is curious to know more details about his partner. Thus, this article will take a look at Adam’s recent marriage and who his partner is.

Is Adam Rippon married?

Adam Rippon is married, and people were initially happy when the skater open up with his fans about his marriage but the most interesting element in his marriage is that the skater and his partner decided to marry on New Year’s eve. Thus, the couple made their marriage official when they both decided to take a step forward in their relationship and marry on New Year’s eve in their Los Angeles residence.

Both were deeply in love with each other, and thus finally made a decision to get married which more than providing a shock, gave a very sweet and lovable movement for the fans to enjoy since everyone over the internet loved the couple’s chemistry. 

The couple initially met on Tinder in 2018 and thus made their final proposals in 2020, the reason behind them choosing New Year’s eve as their wedding day as per Adam’s partner was that they were in bed and suddenly had the idea to do something unique and thus they decided to use the ring they brought for each other in 2020 and used the day for their special wedding.

Adam Rippon's partner

Adam Rippon and Jussi-Pekka Kajaala, Credits: NBC News

Who is Adam Rippon’s partner, Everything to know about him

Adam Rippon’s partner, whom he recently married, is a real-estate broker Jussi-Pekka Kajaala. He is a Finnish real-estate agent and the partner of Adam Rippon.

According to sources, Jussi works at a real-estate business called Kasslin LKV and thus began working with them in January 2017, he is known as the greatest contributor to the company with his creative outlook on everything and therefore, in one of the Kasslin LKV’s post, they even mentioned as being the hard-working person in this real-estate industry. 

Both Adam Rippon and Jussi-Pekka Kajaala have a deep love for each other, that’s why on the eve of New Year, the couple decided to tie the knot and reunite as a married couple since when Adam Rippon came out as gay publicly, he became the number one skating player to achieve brilliant accomplishments and now since the marriage is done both the couples are just perfect for each other.

Adam Rippon's partner

Adam Rippon, Credits: Variety

How did Adam Rippon build his name in Skating?

Adam Rippon is America’s one of biggest skating professionals of all time, and he has contributed heavily throughout his career in skating, winning and achieving loads of medals for the various championships and matches in which he has been a part. 

He started to skate when he was just ten years old, he even won the U.S. national championship in 2016 and multiple medals for his home country in the Grand Prix Series, a bronze medal at the 2016 NHK Trophy and also a silver medal at the 2016 Skate America competition. 

While he has also represented the U.S. in the 2018 winter Olympics where he even won a bronze medal for his country, he also built a name for himself by being the first gay athlete to qualify for the Winter Olympics.

Not even with skating made him over the top in his career, but he even appeared in Dancing with Stars and also won season 26 of the show which he appeared with professional dancer Jenna Johnson, however, Adam announced his retirement from professional skating in November 2018 and was also included in Time magazine‘s 100 Most Influential People of 2018.

He has thus been considered one of the most successful skaters in America who, with his impressive skills, changed the definition of skating. 

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