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Preview and Recap: The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 10

As all the fans already know that The Good Doctor is an American television series that has adopted its storyline from a South Korean series that goes by the same name. The show is a medical procedural drama that shows us how tough the lives of doctors can be. Sony Pictures Televisions, along with ABC Studios, have produced this series in unison. The main plot of the series focuses on Shaun Murphy. He is quite a young autistic surgeon. He grew up in Casper, Wyoming, and his past was not something that we can call good. In the show, we witness that he moves over to San Jose in California. Here, he starts his medical practice at San Jose St. Bona Venture Hospital.

Because of the amazing plot of the series, the show has received a lot of popularity among fans and, till this point, has released 3 successful installments, with the fourth one airing right now. A major portion of this success also lies in the hands of the ensemble cast members that have been employed by the creators. The list includes Freddie Highmore, who reprises the role of Dr. Shaun Murphy. His brain functions so well that he can recall every situation just like it is happening in real life. Nicholas Gonzalez enacts the character of Dr. Neil Melendez. He is actually an attending cardiothoracic surgeon who takes care of the surgical residents. Sadly, at the end of season 3, he dies because of all the internal injuries caused by an earthquake.

The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor Season 4 – Cast and Characters

Antonia Thomas does the part of Dr. Claire Browne, who also has grown up in a medical environment. Throughout the episodes of the show, she develops a friendship with Shaun, and the two come closer. The audience knows Claire for being pretty empathetic and mature when it comes to emotional terms. Also, Antonia handles Shaun very professionally, and she is very understanding while conversing with Shaun. Chuku Modu reprises the role of Dr. Jared Kalu. He is also a resident in the surgical department and comes from a very wealthy ancestral history. At the beginning of the second installment, he moves to Denver after having a heated argument with Dr. Andrews.

Then we have Beau Garrett, who enacts the character of Jessica Preston. She is the attorney of the hospital and carries out all the legal work. She also is the Vice President of Risk Management. Hill Harper does the part of Dr. Marcus Andrews, who is excelling in the profession of plastic surgery. Then we have Richard Schiff, who reprises the role of Dr. Aaron Glassman. He is the President of the San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. He used to be a neurosurgeon but now is a good friend of Shaun since he was 14 years of age. Tamlyn Tomita enacts the character of Allegra Aoki. She is the chairwoman of the San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital.

The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 10 release date

In the recent episodes of The Good Doctor season 4, we witnessed Shaun as well as Asher and Enrique, who set on treating Darya. She is an aspiring gymnast who is in urgent need of spinal fusion surgery. Darya lives in a very distant relationship with her father. Although, the sad thing is that this surgery is going to ruin the entire career. On the other hand, even the father of Darya is in the hospital and getting treated because he was suffering from the problem of a ruptured esophagus.

In the recent ninth installment of the series, we see that Claire, as well as Enrique, along with Andrew, are treating Zara. She is the owner of a medical marijuana dispensary. Our entire medical team is working throughout the show so as to provide the aid all the patients need. Later, Shaun thinks that he has a crush on the new resident who came for radiology. Well, as for the upcoming episode, it is called ‘Decrypt’. The Good Doctor season 4 episode 10 is scheduled to release on the 22nd of February 2021.

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