How To Watch Queer Eye Season 7 Episodes? Streaming Guide

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Queer Eye Season 7 Streaming Guide
Queer Eye Season 7 Main Cast (Credit: Netflix)

Season 7 of Queer Eye has finally been released, and it made fans excited about the new and inspiring stories that this season has in store for the viewers. To know everything about the lives of the people, the Fab Five are going to bring change, and fans are looking for information about the episode guide and streaming guide of Queer Eye season 7. Given below is all the information about the latest episode of Queer Eye, so continue reading.

One of the critically acclaimed shows on Netflix, which received Emmy awards three times, Queer Eye is inspired by the reality show “Queer Eye For The Straight Guy,” which was released from 2003 to 2007. In the year 2018, when Netflix renewed Queer Eye, it instantly received huge fame, and the show got adapted even in Germany and Brazil. So, what Queer Eye is all about?

Queer Eye aims to introduce you to a unique perspective of life with the help of five celebrities, Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Tan France, Karamo Brown, and Jonathan Van Ness, who take up the responsibility to bring real change into the life of the normal residents who participate in the show. In our daily lives, sometimes we lack self-worth and start underestimating ourselves, which ultimately leads to our poor way of living. Queer Eye is all about how we can bring transformation into our lives and be confident.

The Fab Five embark on the journey of changing the fashion, lifestyle, and food habits of the people to give them a happier and healthier life. Queer Eye also talks about the societal and familial issues of the participants and helps them conquer their sorrows, fears, and traumas. Every story of Queer Eye is inspirational, and there is so much to learn about from each of them. As fans loved watching all six seasons of Queer Eye, it is exciting to know that even the seventh season of the show has been released. So, let us get to know everything about Queer Eye season 7 here in this post.

Queer Eye Season 7: Synopsis, Cast, and Preview

This season the Fab Five have made their way to New Orleans to meet the participants. Fab Five have lived with them for about a week and have understood the problems, be they related to fashion and food or emotions. All of the hosts have worked hard to address them and bring change in the lives of the participants.

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Just like all other seasons, Queer Eye Season 7 has welcomed Antoni Porowski, the food and wine master. Bobby Berk, an interior designer. Tan France is a Fashion guru and a stylist. Karamo Brown, Culture and lifestyle specialist, and Jonathan Van Ness, Grooming Specialist, take care of the hair, skin related issues of the participants. As every participant suffers from different issues, with the aim of transforming their lives, these Fab Five play a significant role in Queer Eye.

In Queer Eye season 7, you will first get to meet the fraternity brothers from Lambda Chi Alpha who need to have a glow-up to slay as the hosts for an event. Fab Five will consider the key factors that need to change and transform these boys into men within a week. Next up is a sports fan who wants to be a better partner for the woman she loves. As they have already planned to move in, fab five will understand her problems and advise her on the same.

We will also get to meet a survivor of the tragic accident, and his life story will certainly inspire you. An educator who has worked all her life only for her students but now needs to be taught how important self-love is, a gruff deli owner who is struggling to manage his time out of his work for his partner, a woman who has spent her life in prison for many years and now needs a transformation into her life and a hardworking farmer who lacks in self-esteem a bit so with the help of fab five he wants to grow his self-worth and confidence.

Queer Eye Season 7: Episode Guide

All the latest episodes of Queer Eye season 7 have released on Friday, 12th May 2023, at 12:00 AM ET on Netflix. The episode guide for all the episodes is given below, with a little description, which you can refer to while watching the episodes.

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Queer Eye Season 7 Plot
A Still From Queer Eye Season 7 (Credit: PinkNews)
  • Episode 1: Queer Eye For The Lambda Chi, 12th May 2023, Friday, 12:00 AM ET and 9:00 PM PT
  • Episode 2: Superfan Steph, 12th May 2023, Friday, 12:00 AM ET and 9:00 PM PT
  • Episode 3: Speedy For Life, 12th May 2023, Friday, 12:00 AM ET and 9:00 PM PT
  • Episode 4: Jenni Seckel’s Diary, 12th May 2023, Friday, 12:00 AM ET and 9:00 PM PT
  • Episode 5: Deli Dan Is A Dream Man, 12th May 2023, Friday, 12:00 AM ET and 9:00 PM PT
  • Episode 6: Ms. Mary Quite Contrary 12th May 2023, Friday, 12:00 AM ET and 9:00 PM PT
  • Episode 7: Sowing The Seeds, 12th May 2023, Friday, 12:00 AM ET and 9:00 PM PT

Queer Eye Season 7: Streaming Guide

Queer Eye season 7 consists of seven episodes, with each episode running for not more than one hour. As all of the episodes have already dropped on Netflix on 12th May 2023, you can now enjoy the episodes on Netflix anytime, just by logging in and paying 15.99 USD per month as a subscription amount.

Additionally, if you are interested in binge-watching the previous seasons of Queer Eye as well, then YouTube TV, Prime Video, and Now TV have also listed the previous seasons and episodes on their respective streaming platforms, and it is expected that even season 7 will be listed soon on these platforms. Now that you know everything about season 7 of Queer, get yourself immersed in the lives of the participants and keep streaming your favorite Netflix reality show.

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