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Read Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 50 Release Date

Its another Otsutsuki invasion on the Konoha and Boruto got involved again. Isshiki Otsutsuki teleported right on top of the village and the Konoha defenses scramble. An evacuation order was issued for the civilians. Isshiki is looking for Kawaki who is his vessel for Karma. He would do anything to find Kawaki as his survival depends on this. But the ninjas are not cooperative, to say the least. They will do everything to keep Isshiki away from Kawaki.

Naruto is the first to engage Isshiki. This is a surprise for Isshiki as he thought the Hokage was sealed away. Isshiki starts to destroy the village to negotiate the release of Kawaki. Meanwhile, Sasuke makes a plan to pull Isshiki away from the village. This plan involves the heroic effort of Boruto. As we know that Momoshiki controls Boruto using Karma. Until Boruto loses full control, he can use this power at will.

This is how Boruto teleports Isshiki to another dimension. Naruto and Sasuke follow them using the Rinnegan. The immediate threat to the leaf village is now avoided. We will see the showdown of Sasuke and Naruto against Isshiki.

Chapter 50 Release Date

The Release Date for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is September 18, 2020. The newest chapters are available to read first on Viz’s Manga Plus site. Read on the source to support the creators.

As we look at the upcoming battle, Isshiki looks at a better position. He already beat Sasuke and Naruto in Jigen’s body. The immense Chakra of an Otsutsuki is far beyond these two. This is where Boruto comes into the equation. If Boruto loses control like the battle before, this could turn into a showdown between two Otsutsuki. Momoshiki using Boruto as the vessel and Isshiki in his weakened form, this fight will not end well for Isshiki.

As a result, Isshiki will avoid Boruto and get to Konoha again. His top priority is to obtain Kawaki. Along with Amado, Kawaki is kept in an underground place that is difficult to find for most people. It even can hide from the Byakugan used by Isshiki. In this situation, Isshiki has the option to call for help as well.

Isshiki’s Fate?

I believe that Isshiki will get hold of Kawaki again. This is how we get to the point where Isshiki uses Kawaki to attack Konoha and Boruto faces him on the mountain top. This is the hyped fight for the future and Isshiki will be involved. To avoid that result, Naruto and Sasuke will fight against Isshiki in the next chapter. Even though they are overpowered, they will try to subdue Isshiki. Jigen was not a proper vessel and Isshiki is in a weakened state.

Another mystery is that why did Kaguya attack Isshiki in the past? We were told that Isshiki lost to Kaguya when they first arrived at Earth. The full back story of Isshiki is yet to be revealed. The Otsutsuki are always seen to work alone. The separation could have happened due to a disagreement. Nevertheless, we know that Otsutsuki raid planets. After Isshiki revives himself using Kawaki, he would want the Chakra fruit. The Hokage and Sasuke cannot allow that.

Isshiki could meet the same end as Kaguya but he is strong enough to get Kawaki back and extend his life. The Karma will take some time to extract into Kawaki’s body. Till then, they will need a solution against the Karma. We will need Amado for that. Still, the Konoha was saved but the battle is imminent. Let us see where it leads. Do leave your comments below about these developments!

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