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The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 88 Release Date: Hojae Defeats Troll Monster With A Single Blow

The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 88
The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 88

The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 88 reveals Lee Hojae’s awakening powers as he enters another competition stage. Hojae is now known for conquering Hell’s Difficulty and became the teacher of Lee Jhing and others who were defeated in the previous battles. A new team joined Hojae as they faced monsters in the next stage. The chapter begins with a rampaging big-headed monster that wants to eliminate Hojae. 

The giant big-headed monster opens his mouth and attempts to swallow Park’s team. Minhyuk wields the blade and decides to slice the tongue of the monster. But Park summons a magical gun and shoots magical green bullets that enter the monster’s mouth. The monster begins to stumble after racing another heavy blow, and Park is surprised where it came from.

Park’s teams attack the monster from both sides and realize that if they hurt the monster’s legs, it will fall quickly. The monster began to bleed and release green blood from its moths. It also receives spear, shield, and sword attacks that increase injuries. Minhyuk jumps into mid-air and attacks the monster’s belly with multiple sword attacks.

The monster realizes that he has to do something or humans will defeat him. He falls to his knees while holding onto his belly. Hojae watches from the sidelines and realizes that the battle is boring, and he decides to bring entertainment since the fans want to see more action than a quitting monster. Hojae is glad that his partner is amazing and they are putting in the fight.

Troll Monster

Troll Monster

But the monster is lazy to fight. The warriors continue to dominate the monster while Hojae watches. Hojae analyzes that battle and realizes that the monster is making it take longer since it has a good recovery speed. He realizes that it would be nice if his health recovered like that monster. 

Previously on The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 87

Hojae reveals that the monster is a troll. Minhyuk cuts to pass the Troll Monster as the battle intensifies. But Troll Monster survives all the slashes. The warriors wonder why Troll Monster is not yet a fight back and if he is a rampaging beast who causes havoc but nothing without damaging anyone. Minhyuk jumps above and notices that Park and Hojae are following his lead.

He wonders if Hojae plans to finish the Troll Monster with a single blow since he joined the battle. Hojae is known to finish the battle with a single blow since he has gained the title of One Punch Man. However, things went as Minhyuk predicted, and Hojae sent the Troll Monster flying after landing a single punch. Hojae land on the ground after the Troll Monster bangs with the ground.

He comments that he made it on time, and Minhyuk wonders what Hojae is talking about. Hojae forgets to hold himself back since he landed a killer blow using his 50% of the power. Park, Minhyuk, and other warriors were impressed since Hojae’s punch left a hole in Troll Monster’s belly.

They realize they are struggling to defeat Troll Monster, but Hojae defeats it with a single strike. Minhyuk reminds Hojae that he told him to stay back since they wanted to show him new powers, but he interfered and took their “kill.”Hojae reveals that he joined the battle because he saw that Troll Monster was up top, not god, and he would have melted them using his acid breath.

The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 88


Minhyuk scolds Hojae and realizes that Hojae always comes up with excuses since he also did the same thing during the individual stage. He realizes that Hojae will never escape any battle since he loves to fight and test his new powers. Hojae and his group went to the stand since they had conquered the group stage.

The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 88 Release Date

The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 88 will be released on 14 November 2022. Minhyuk feels that he has not fought since Hojae interfered. They enjoy eating popcorn and waiting for the next round. Another group from Hell Difficulty begins a new stage and fights with another monster. Check out The Tutorial Is-Too-Hard Chapter 88 latest updates. 

Read The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 88 Online – Raw Details

You can read The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 88 online on the official websites. Hojae realizes that Lee Jhyung was summoned after training and is fighting alongside the team he trained. Later the start of the final round was announced. Let’s meet after The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 88 is released. 

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