Between Us Episode 2: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

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The Between Us Episode 2’s release date has been announced, and fans can’t wait to learn more about the same. Here is a quick look at Between Us’s episode one recap before we skip to Between Us Episode 2’s release date and Between Us Episode 2’s streaming details. Two opponents are introduced to us in the episode. While Team, a junior, arrives late for his first day of class.

Win, a senior, wakes up just in time and gets prepared for college. Manow meets Pruek, a senior at college. She is ready to fall when he grabs her. She thanks him for his assistance and walks away, embarrassed, as they exchange pleasantries. When Win first spots the squad, they go to the pool. Wan, Win’s younger brother, telephones him from Win’s home, upset about View, their older brother.

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What Happened In Between Us Episode 1?

“Team” meets his new swim team teammates A, Bee, and Sea at college after they accompany him for swim club registration. The win tries to calm his younger brother Wan at the registration counter as Dean and Pruek listen in on the exchange. Pruek makes fun of the fact that the world is devoid of sentimental souls like Win.

Juniors arrive and begin signing up for the club. Pruek asks Win if he’s ever had someone he fell in love with right away, and Dean departs with Win and Pruek to go to the desk. Win returns his attention to Team, but Pruek is left alone to approach the desk immediately.

The recruits of the swim team club will take an orientation test, according to the three seniors. “Team” would do well on the test since he was a scholarship student, say A, Bee, and Sea in jest. Win overhears this and informs the group that the test will be challenging for every trainee, regardless of whether they are a scholarship candidate.

Later that evening, Win enters his apartment complex’s elevator and discovers that Team also resides in the same building. They almost avoid colliding because Team enters the scene just as the elevator doors close. “Win” is on the phone with Wan, lamenting how lonely it is since “Wiew” is constantly playing games on his phone.

He informs them that the test will take place the next day at 4 pm. The two buddies commit to showing up at the tryouts, but “Team” leaves to return home since he feels sick. A, B, and Sea are concerned about Team on the day of tryouts because he appears preoccupied with his thoughts.

When the three seniors show up, the boys start to get ready to depart, and Win notices their hesitation. “Team” had a horrible memory just before the race, yet he could still give it his throughout the tryouts. “Team” wins the race and is chosen to join the swimming team.

The Team is cheerful as the three friends sit down to dinner together. The following day, Dean and Win purchase snacks at the convenience store when Dean encounters Pharm. Pharm breaks down in tears when they experience a flashback to their earlier lives as Ein and Korn. When Win interrupts them, Phare flees.

“Win” has upset Dean by interrupting them. As the swimmers bring the food inside, Dean is lost at the pool club. When Team gets a call from Pharm, he is inside with the water bottles. Without telling the others, Team leaves immediately to meet Pharm since he worries about his friend.

Between Us Episode 1 recap
Win and Team from Between Us Episode 1.

“Win” follows Team and is taken aback when he sees that Team is comforting Pharm, who is upset and crying due to his memory. The swimming group arrives at the resort, where Tul meets up with the three elders. “Team” has considerable difficulties with several of the training drills the juniors are completing.

“Team” ends up cutting his sole slightly due to the incident. As he calmly manages the issue, Win realizes this and follows “Team” and the group, requesting Bee and Sea look for first aid. Later that night, Tul, the seniors, and Dean discuss how sometimes Dean feels lost. 

Win claims that although Dean is constantly searching for something, he is unsure what he is looking for. Win meets Dean later that evening. Dean confirms with Win if he has lost something very dear to him, only to have it reappear.

“Team” locates a hose with flowing water and tries to relax by washing his head. Win locates him and chastises him, warning that he might get sick. Win strokes his neck as he considers the Team’s situation. He makes an effort to approach Team, who is embarrassed. Finally, Win kisses Team and the latter strays.

Between Us Episode 2 Release Date

Between Us, Episode 2 Release Date is Sunday, November 13, 2022. Between Us, Episode 2 will air on Youtube in the US at 11:45 pm. International fans can stream Between Us Episode 2 at 4:45 am BST (Nov 14), 10:15 am IST (Nov 14), and 1:45 pm AEDT (Nov 14).

Watch Between Us Episode 2: Streaming Guide

Between Us, Episode 2 will stream on Youtube worldwide.

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