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‘Romance Is A Bonus Book’ Review: A Heart-Tingling Romance Comedy

"Romance Is A Bonus Book" Review
"Romance Is A Bonus Book" Review

Here is the ‘Romance Is A Bonus Book’ review for all the Kdrama lovers. And on top of that, if you are a bibliophile, you are in for a lovely ride because this series is going to fulfill all your fancies, as it revolves around books. This amazing drama has shown us so many things, and we are very grateful for such a beautiful Kdrama. “Romance Is A Bonus Book” is a Kdrama that was released from January 2, 2019, to March 17, 2019. The series has a total of 16 episodes with a running time of 62 minutes. And if you are worried about where to watch this Kdrama, do not worry because it is available on Netflix with subtitles in various languages.

‘Romance Is A Bonus Book’ is also very special because of its powerful cast. The stars in this drama include Lee Jong Suk (as Cha Eun Ho), who is famous for his roles in “W: Two Worlds” and “While you Were Sleeping,” Lee Na Young (as Kang Dan Yi), popular for her roles in “The Fugitive: Plan B,” and “Beautiful Days,” Wi Ha Joon (Ji Seo Joon), famous for his roles in “Bad And Crazy,” and “Squid Game”, and Jung Eugene (Song Hae Rin), known for her roles in “Snowdrop,” and “Moorim School”. After getting to know about the cast, we can already get the feeling that the Kdrama is splendid. So here is the “Romance Is A Bonus Book” review for the people who are confused if you should watch it or not.

‘Romance Is A Bonus Book’: A K-Drama Radiating Hope

Well, if you are going through a rough patch in your life and want a Kdrama for gaining hope, ‘Romance Is A Bonus Book’ should definitely be on your watch list. The drama tells the story of how Kang Dan Yi manages to make her way towards success with her true talent and passion for her dreams. Dan Yi is a divorced mom, and thus, she had to face many problems because of society, but she never gave up. She once was a successful copywriter, but things went bad, which brought her down. The series also gives us the message that we can always have a second chance if it brings us closer to our dreams. And if you are passionate enough, you are bound to succeed.

Romance Is A Bonus Book Review

Characters in “Romance Is A Bonus Book”

The K-Drama Is Very Realistic

It is very appreciable that ‘Romance Is A Bonus Book’ bring forth real evils of society because of which many people lose hope in their lives. It shows what kind of social issues women often face in society. But the beauty of the drama is that it does it in a subtle yet effective way. The way the characters portrayed their feelings was very relatable and not over-the-top. When Dan Yi breaks down in the empty house in the dark, where she once used to live happily before her divorce, we cannot help but get emotional along with her as well. That is the beauty of Lee Na Young’s acting. She fully immersed herself into her role and made us feel the inner feelings of the characters through the screen. Basically, the scenes, the acting, the story, we could actually feel them all and thus, find beauty in small things.

The Romance In ‘Romance Is A Bonus Book’

Well, the title itself has the word ‘romance,’ so we knew that the series would have romance, and it does have it. The romance in this drama might not be full of fireworks, but it shows a warm romance, which gives a feeling of security. The main leads were childhood friends, and Eun Ho never stopped being there for his noona is truly commendable. He helped her in her most difficult times, and slowly yet steadily, they started developing deep feelings for each other. We loved how in the last episode, Dan Yi compares Eun Ho to a favorite old book. And believe us, this comparison from a book lover is a big thing! Their love is shown as so pure and just we get sudden happiness whenever they show their love for each other.

Romance Is A Bonus Book Review

Lee Na Young as Kang Dan Yi

‘Romance Is A Bonus Book’ is truly a wonderful and healing Kdrama, which you should not miss out on. So if you have not watched it yet, what are you waiting for! Put it right into your watch list and enjoy!

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