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Wind Breaker Chapter 411 Release Date: King of Riders, Jay Ho

Wind Breaker Chapter 411: King of Riders, Jay Ho
Wind Breaker Chapter 411

Wind Breaker Chapter 411 reveals Jay vs. Chubby Rider. This continues after a Chubby Rider challenges Jay on a bicycle challenge. The two begin riding their bicycle, and the Chubby Rider remains behind and tells Jay Ho to be nervous since he is catching up with him. Jay Ho realizes that the tattooed Chubby Rider is a monster who has evolved and is using a Rush to catch up with him. Jay Ho continues to mind his business and Chubby guy was so close to passing him. He was surprised when he got pulled back by three chains.

The Chubby guy wonders why he is being to feel heavy like a fat bulldog chained with heavy chains. The Chubby guy keeps up his speed and notices that Jay Ho is maintaining a distance. He breaks free from the chains and realizes that if he gets lazy, Jay Ho will win. The Chubby guy can’t believe that Jay Ho will defeat him and comments that he never expect that to happen. He begins to lose too much sweat and realizes that he is getting tired. The Chubby guys continue to go faster, trying to catch up with Jay Ho.

His Chubby friend shed tears after noting that Hyungnim is trying his best even though he is a fat tattooed guy who can stand the heat. Hyungnim realizes that he is told he will become stronger. Later he arrives at the finishing line and finds that Jay Ho has been waiting for him. Hyungmin realizes he took the second position in the race of two people, which means he is a loser. He bows in front of Jay Ho and admits that Jay Ho is the king of riders. Jay Ho’s friends praise Jay Ho that they will never expect less. They comment that Jay Ho had an easy overwhelming victory. 

Wind Breaker Chapter 411: King of Riders, Jay Ho

Chubby Rider Hyungnim

Previously on Wind Breaker Chapter 410

Hyungnim praises Jay Ho and comments that he has gotten stronger than before, but why has he lost? He bangs his head on the ground. The pretty lady realizes that Hyungnim was s cocky before the race began, and now he is eating his words. The brown-haired lady said she knew Hyungnim would lose since he was cocky and trying to show off. Hyungnim realizes he made the worst mistake by talking too much before e winning the race. He continues to bow in front of Jay’s legs and wonders if Jay has forgiven him. 

Jay asks Hyungnim about going to the grid and admits that he is nervous every time Hyungnimg races with him. He takes his bicycle and leaves Hyuning, kneeling on the ground. Jay’s fans took pictures and videos of a loser and teased him for challenging the king of riders. Hyungnim realizes he is a loser, and other students think he rides like a pig and is slow like a tortoise. The students continued to scold Hyungning for his arrogant behavior before the race began, and he was teasing Jay, which made Jay humiliate him by winning the race. 

The girls advise Hyungnim to come to school, and it will take him three years to become Hummingbvirds’s Ace. Other guys who had high expectations for Hyungnim got disappointed and said it was boring since he wasted their time by barking too much and failed to back up his words. Hyungnim realizes that everyone has turned against him and begins to punch the ground. Another rider arrives in Lambo with his pretty girl, that says she feels like she is on cloud nine. 

Bald Monk

Bald Monk

Wind Breaker Chapter 411 Release Date

Wind Breaker Chapter 411 will be released on 19 September 2022. Oppa continues to show off with his pretty girl, but she scolds the guy riding the bike and tries to kiss her cheek. The Bald Monk battle with a cocky blond guy who claims that he is Black Belt in Judo. The battle continues in the next chapter. You can look at Wind Breaker Chapter 411 latest updates. 

Read Wind Breaker Chapter 411 Online – Raw Details

You can read Wind Breaker Chapter 411 online on different websites. Wind Breaker Manga has reached many chapters without revealing the official website, but it is available in other countries. Fans from different countries can read it online on any website offering it. Let’s meet after Wind Breaker Chapter 411 is released. 

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