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Guy’s Grocery Games Season 30 Episode 14: Release Date, Spoilers & Where to Watch

Guy’s Grocery Games Season 30 Episode 14 release date is quite soon. The series throws light on a reality TV show which asks the contestants to show off their culinary skills in a cooking competition. Guy Fieri hosts the series for the Food Network right now. Each entry of the series throws light on four chefs working together in an elimination contest that takes place in three rounds.

They are challenged to cook food items or make meals with ingredients that can only be found in a supermarket grocery store. Well, after their grocery and products are selected, the group is required to take part in some of the most unusual challenges ever. The chef who wins in the episode gets a chance to get up to 20,000 dollars in a bonus shopping spree round. Sometimes, we see chefs coming on the screen from shows like Diners and Drive-Ins as well as Dives.

During each episode, the judges are changed, and three are introduced every time. They are announced by Fieri in the lead. Now the chefs are provided with their own station to make something. Initially, they are provided with 10 aisles which are stocked with a huge amount of fresh produce as well as meat and poultry, among other frozen items. The theme for the week is provided by Fieri in every episode.

Guy's Grocery Games Season 30 Episode 14 Release Date

A still from Guy’s Grocery Games Season 30

Guy’s Grocery Games Season 30 Episode 13 Recap

According to that, the chefs will have a chance to shop from the aisles. Now, there are other challenges apart from just cooking. These segments include games or some random drawings in order to determine the items that are used in a recipe. In order to make things harder but even more intriguing, some aisles from the ten aisles are declared off-limits, or some items are not allowed. There might be an upper limit on the entire number price, or weight of the ingredients.

Well, during the times when there is not any restriction by Fieri, the chefs generally have 30 minutes to pick out their raw materials from the aisles but will have to do this in one trip only. Now they are required to make three plates of the dish for the three judges, and one is just a beauty plate with all the shows. Then the judges decide who one chef should be eliminated from the round. Then the next challenge happens with the remaining chefs until there is just one chef remaining to win the 20,000 dollars bonus.

Guy’s Grocery Games Season 30 Episode 14 Release Date

Guy’s Grocery Games Season 30 Episode 14 release date is on the 23rd of November 2022. The episode is titled DDD Redemption. It will drop out on the Food Network. You can check for new episodes every week on Wednesdays.

How to Watch Guy’s Grocery Games Season 30 Episode 14

In order to watch Guy’s Grocery Games Season 30 Episode 14, one really just needs to tune into The Food Network, and voila, you will have your new episode. Later, in case you have missed the entry, they will also be uploaded on the Food Network’s official website. Users will need to log in or sign up first.

Guy’s Grocery Games Season 30 Episode 14 Spoilers

Guy’s Grocery Games Season 30 Episode 14 is titled DDD Redemption. In this entry, we will witness that three chefs from DDD are going to join us for this episode. They have never previously emerged victorious in the Flavortown Market. Thus, this time, they are more than ready to make amends and change their situation.

Guy Fieri will welcome them all back to the aisles but with a huge challenge. This time, we will see them competing against each other. Although, the host has added one item to their cart, which caused them to lose previously in the first place. Thus, it will be interesting to see their work around the same.

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