Fisher Stevens And Michelle Pfeiffer: Relationship and Breakup

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Michelle and Fisher
Michelle and Fisher (Credits: InStyle)

Michelle Pfeiffer is an actress whose career spans over four decades. She has been variously accoladed for her work, including a Golden Globe and a British Academy Film Award. She has also received nominations for three Academy Awards and a Primetime Emmy Award. She made her acting debut in 1979, and since then, there has been no stopping her.

Her career is full of excellence, recognition, and critical acclaim. She is best known for films like Scarface, Hairspray, Grease 2, The Age of Innocence, Married To the Mob, The Russia House, and French Exit. Often described as one of the most stunning and talented actresses in Hollywood, both her beauty and skill have received immense recognition from critics, fashion magazines, directors, filmmakers, and her fans. 

Born in 1963, Chicago  Fisher is a film and television actor, director, producer, and harmonica player. He has directed plenty of well-known films like Stand Up Guys and Before The Flood. Also strongly associated with theatre Fisher has performed in plays like  Lincoln Center revival of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel, Torch Song Trilogy, and more. Today he is best known as Hugo Baker from Succession, but the history of his acting career is over three years long. 

Both these actors have had tremendous careers. They are well-known in their fields and loved by both critics and fans. During the 1990s, they both came into the spotlight as they began dating each other. Michelle was, in those days was, considered a sex symbol, and her beauty just as talked about as her skill. Fisher and Pfeiffer became the talk of the town. Their colleagues and fans could see the couple, and it became clear how in love they were. They were two stunning and successful actors going out together, and while quite different in personalities, they seemed to fit together perfectly. So what went wrong with the 90s duo? 

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Their Relationship

Michelle Pfeiffer and Fisher Stevens met in 1989. They worked together in the New York Shakespeare Festival’s Twelfth Night Production. They both talked lovingly about one another in interviews, and their colleagues and friends seemed to agree. In one interview, Pfeiffer admitted that Stevens was no average leading man, but she loved him regardless. They had their fans swooning. Every time they were photographed together, it was more beautiful than the last. It seemed that they were truly enjoying each other’s company. Pfeiffer talked about how he was encouraging her to expand her comfort zones.   

Pfeiffer and Stevens
Pfeiffer and Stevens Together (Credits: InStyle)

One of the Stevens’ directors, Kenneth Johnson, revealed that their initial relationship was marked by a rather unromantic trip to Paris where Fisher fell quite sick. Fisher later told Johnson that Michelle had been very supportive of the illness. When Stevens’ worked on Super Mario Bros, Michelle was known to visit him on set. One of the actors, Richard Edson, revealed that at the time one of Stevens’ lizards had fallen ill and she had taken on the project of healing it. According to Edson, she went across town to look for a veterinarian who specialized in lizards. 

In another adorable incident, Michelle Pfeiffer pointed to a lizard sketched on the wall of the restaurant during a Rolling Stone interview and said, “he’s with me even now.” She was referring to Fisher, who was playing a lizard-like character in Super Mario named Iggy. There was no lack of such wonderful moments, so why did Michelle Pfeiffer and Fisher Stevens break up?

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The Couple’s Split

Pfeiffer and Fisher went their separate at the end of 1922. They had a three-year-long relationship. During this tenure, their relationship had remained largely bi-coastal. There was quite some distance between the two lovebirds, something that could have added to their separation. Some supermarket tabloids revealed that Fisher was caught kissing Jamie Golightly, a 17-year-old extra from Super Mario Bros. This was never confirmed and remained a rumor. 

Michelle and Fisher
Michelle and Fisher at The Batman Premiere

Fisher talked about the split to The People and revealed that he felt like a raw wound. The breakup was easy for neither of the parties. Pfeiffer revealed when she talked to another magazine that she really wanted to have kids, and this eagerness was making her mess her relationships up. The distance between the couple was also not helping. On top of all that, they were receiving immense media attention, which was pressurizing. As these factors came together, their split seemed inevitable. 

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Their Relationship Now

Although, as is famously said, all that ends well. The year after her split with Fisher, Michelle adopted her daughter Claudia. She told People magazine that it took her time to figure out that she did not need a man to be a mother. Shortly after adopting her daughter, she met her second husband, David E Kelly. They got married in 1993, and in 1994 she gave birth to their son John Henry Kelly II. 

Michelle and Her Family
Michelle With Her Family (Credits: People)

Fisher Stevens’ ended up dating his longtime filming partner Alexis Bloom. After a long relationship together, they got married in 2017 in a private ceremony. They also have two children together.  

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