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My Hero Academia Chapter 302 Spoilers Breakdown and Analysis

Endeavor/ Enji Todoroki

In the upcoming My Hero Academia Chapter 302, we continue to explore the aftermath of the devasting war that took place between the heroes and villains. Many lives were lost and both sides have a lot to recover from. In all this, we are currently being told the story of the Todoroki Household. In the first part of “The Wrong Way to Put Out a Fire”, Endeavor/Enji Todoroki is seen talking to Rei’s parents, who are going to be the mother to Shoto and his siblings. She belonged to a family with strong Ice quirks. Enji wanted to raise children that can compete with All Might at some point. In his ambitious desire, he didn’t see how he lost one of his sons to the bad side, not handling the overwhelming power correctly.

Toya Todoroki was Enji and Rei’s strongest flame user child. From the start, he was taught to push himself to show the power which will compete with All Might someday. But he could never show the ice trait. Enji saw it in his younger newborn, Shoto. Building a flame to its best, you have to put it out properly, otherwise, it comes back even fiercer. The Todoroki family thought they lost their son, Toya in an accident but he survived as Dabi and went to the dark side. Toya’s flames burn even stronger than Endeavor. The ambition came back to bite him. Endeavor was heavily injured in the recent encounter with his lost son but he survived. Having achieved what he wanted, Endeavor has the chance to look back at what he lost to get to this point. Below are the confirmed spoilers for the upcoming chapter 302.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 302 Spoilers

The upcoming chapter is titled “The Wrong Way to Put Out a Fire Part 2” and it releases on February 21st, 2021. The chapter will shine more light on the dark truth that lies behind the radicalization of Dabi. In his rage that Shoto was better than him, Toya attacked his newborn brother to get the attention for himself. This is when the line was drawn. Shoto was separated from the rest of his siblings.

When Enji got to know that Toya is a danger to Shoto, he separated Shoto for 5 years. Shoto trained with his father while Toya, Fuyumi, and Natsuo were not allowed to play with their brother. Toya was very excited to train his powers further while Enji totally isolated him. Toya kept pushing himself way too far and learned the Blue Flame eventually. When he shows the power to his father, Enji gets enraged at Rei for not stopping him. Toya was getting too many burns on his body due to this intensive training. Ultimately, in their arguments, they lost Toya.

In the present time, they discuss how things went too far at that time. Best Jeanist and Hawks listen to this conversation from the outside and react positively to it. While nothing can be done now, a lot of stuff went wrong with Toya. The end of the chapter points to another start for Endeavor.

Dabi/ Toya Todoroki

Discussion and Analysis

Toya and Enji are classic examples of the Daddy issues. Enji wanted Toya to push for what he wanted, but Toya had his own path which gave less satisfaction to Enji. When Enji saw that potential in Shoto, Toya was sidelined and it created tension among siblings. This also ruined Shoto’s childhood as all his father wanted was to surpass All Might in his delusion. On the other side, Dabi was created, Toya held a grudge against his father and this ultimately led to the villainous intent. Dabi hates Enji and Shoto equally and he tried his best to kill them both. However, the heroes ultimately got it under control. Dabi was not captured though, and he is still somewhere waiting for another chance to retaliate.

The ultimate threat is out there. Shigaraki is still out there and there was a massive breakout in the prison. He is evolving into a scarier being every time he faces the heroes. Even All for One is back for more. Endevour needs to strengthen himself once more against this impending threat. The past cannot be fixed but the sacrifices to this point should not be in vain. The threat of Shigaraki needs to be taken down for good. There is an even crazier war coming.

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