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Dickinson Season 2 – Ending Explained

Sue in this season of Dickinson was quite disappointing for the fans because she was not as her character was shown in the last season of Dickinson. Mama and papa Dickinson had a good time together, last season ended with the wedding, and the new season started with the contrast emotion. Vinnie is all set to start her new journey from New Orleans when Ship drops her and then think of their lives after marriage, but at the same time, these guys need to bid farewell to their families forever, which means they won’t be returning back after marriage.

Sue is seen as confused in this season in the context of Austin, that she still isn’t sure about him. Emily is the only guy who has seen in the entire season with different shades, and all his shades would make you feel a different type of attachment for him. Sue has started taking her life more seriously this time, she has got to know that to lead her life, she has to change her way of thinking towards it, but she has to save her moves from the smartly played moves of Bowles, but it would be interesting to see whether Sue knows about it.

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Dickinson Season 2- A Little Insights about the Plot

If you would have watched season 1 of the Apple TV+‘s series Dickinson. The main story is of a girl who desires to carry her passion and switch from the work she is doing currently for that she really skill is writing poems and she does. But, whenever you opt-in for a new thing, you always have a doubt that keeps on resonating in your mind in the same way it is for Sue, who feels that her private literacy life for which she has left most of the things might not give the fame that may be dangerous for her according to her, It may be so that she is wrong on this, fame is just a part of the journey and not the ultimate destination of the thing say about Emily who is pursuing her passion of writing poems. In the course, Emily’s new friend George agrees to publish one of the poems of her and also another thing, like she discovers that her brother Austin has proposed to her best friend, Sue.

This means everything in the series though not directly, but the entire story of the series, basically revolves around Emily and her family, that is Dickinson family, on which the entire series is based.


The ending that is towards episode 10 returns the man who justifies his own death and has an altogether different outsource in the Dickinson’s family, non-other than Fraser Stearns. He gives a kind of motivational speech to Emily, though it is damn true with what he was saying he goes on saying that she had to fight all the wars that are happening in her life all alone that is nobody would come forward to help her. He also says that Emily must submit all glory and, in return, expect nothing, this also proves the turning point of this season.

Everyone gathers in the church for Jane’s child’s christening ceremony, and here is where Austin thinks that he needs to talk about his relationship with Sue because they aren’t in the good phase of their relationship.  When Emily is alone at her home Sue comes to meet her, but Emily is in no mood to talk to her. Emily thought that it was Sue who pushed her to take care of Emily when she wanted him for all herself, and this thing didn’t happen, and hence Emily holds Sue responsible for this due to her gesture. In the last part that is towards the end of this episode and in fact, towards the end of this season, Sue confesses his love for Emily, and he convinces her and makes her feel good after she was angry with him.  That means this season too ended with a happy note as it ended with a marriage in the last season.

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