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Review: Bed Friend Episode 4

bed friend episode 4
Bed Friend (Credits: GMM One)

We have all witnessed the growth and buzz surrounding the Thai BL business, which is still growing. Every year all the production houses try to come up with new and fresh ideas to please the audience who wait for them.

Due to the abundance of upcoming series, it is getting difficult for BL fans to see them all in 2023. Yet Bed Friend, a more recent series, is catching viewers’ eyes and becoming increasingly popular.

Bed Friend is a Domundi ongoing series airing on Mandee YouTube Chanel. The plan was to telecast eight episodes, but recently the team announced that there would be two extra episodes making it a ten episodes series.

Upon hearing the news, fans couldn’t control their excitement and happiness. The series’ first episode was released on the 18th of February, and the latest episode was released on the 11th of March, 2023. 

Jungjing Wanna Kortunyavat wrote the series under the direction of Cheewin Thanamin Wongskulphat. It airs every Saturday. 

Bed Friend is a story about two employees working in the same company. They weren’t very fond of one another at first, but for some reason, they eventually began a casual friends-with-benefits relationship.

Through this kind of interaction, they were able to spend some time together and learn more about one another than they had previously. The two eventually realized they had feelings for each other, but it was difficult for them to confess it. 

Characters of the Bed Friend 

This series was a visual treat for the audience. Bed Friend is all about good looks, good looks, and good looks. Writing made it so easy for viewers to understand the characters and their stories easily. It was encouraging to see young actors give their very best efforts in assuming their characters.

Bed Friend

Cast Members of Bed Friend (Credits: Madan)

King Kunakorn 

Net Siraphop Manithikhun played the role of King Kunkorn. King gave off the impression of someone with whom you would never want to engage in conversation. But he was such a softie. King was a stunningly hot and clever man who fell for Uea at first sight.

He was a like a satyr who Uea firmly disliked. It’s been years since Net Siraphop Manithikhun started his acting career, but he has a few roles to catch up on, including Make Me Shudder (Part 1, 2, 3),  Y- Destiny (2021), and Catch Me Baby (2022). 


King Kunakorn (Credits: GMM One)

Uea Anol

James Supamongkon Wongwisut played the role of Uea Anol. Uea preferred to keep his distance from everyone and uphold his personal limits. The audience assumed he was unduly frigid from his first appearance, but there’s a good explanation for it.

Uea had a traumatic childhood, and then his boyfriend cheated on him, making him the person he was. But after meeting King, he let him enter his boundary and later grew feelings for him. James Supamongkon Wongwisut has portrayed numerous roles, including Oxygen (2020), Mafia The Series: Guns and Freaks (2022), Catch Me Baby (2022), and Back (2022).  


Uea Anol (Credits: GMM One) 

The Plot of Bed Friends 

Bed Friend was an adaptation of the novel of the same name written by littlebbear96, whose books are well-liked by people. The series is also streaming on IQIYI. 

Bed Friend was a story about two employees working at the same company, King and Uea. King was a good-looking man with a decent job but was quite annoying, especially to Uea. He never settled down with someone other than exclusively engaged in sexual relations. King was always a flirt and teased around Uea. 

Uea was someone with a gorgeous face who loved his personal space. They seemed to have been acquainted with Jade, who also worked for the same company, and had known each other before they were coworkers at a corporation. Although having known for years, they despised one another.  

But one day, the company had a party, and both got inebriated. Uea was drunker than King and had a one-night stand without intending to. Uea regretted his decision and started ghosting him. Meanwhile, King had other plans and proposed a friends-with-benefits relationship to Uea.

He immediately refused his offer. Later, he agreed because he had had enough of his ex-boyfriend, but on conditions; one among them was if he either got too attached or found the appropriate person, this relationship must terminate soon. 

They had surety that they would not in any way be particularly attracted to develop any affection for one another. Uea and King didn’t want to make anything noticeable in the office. After many days went by, Uea felt helpless and saw King’s passionate and devoted side, which he had never seen earlier. 

As much as they spent time with each other, learned about each other, and became each other’s safe place, their friends-with-benefits became more than just a one-night stand. And they opened their hearts to each other. 

Review of Bed Friend Episode 4 

Bed Friend was one of the most anticipated series of 2023. The fans were waiting for it to drop. This series had millions of views on YouTube channel. 

In episode three, we saw Uea’s ex-boyfriend Pock was bothering him, and even his mom was horrible and only wanted money out of him. There were happy moments when King and Uea were together. There was a scene when King was jealous of Gun touching Uea. 

Episode three was not comfortable to watch. 

Episode four opened with a scene where Uea was about to leave for his home, but Pock attacked him and tried to threaten him. But fortunately, King reached there on time and saved him. They again spent a night together.

The following day was Uea’s birthday, and Jade visited him to wish him a happy occasion. And then, he returned home at his sister’s request, who gave him a gift as a surprise. But, Uea had to deal with his stepfather, who assaulted him when he was younger. He attempted to make him uncomfortable again, but Uea fled the house. 

He straight away went to King’s condo. King urged Uea to take a bath first after noticing that something seemed off when he detected that Uea was agitated. Afterward, King approached him and brought him a cake, which was quite pleasant for Uea. It reminded him of his childhood when he had no one to celebrate his birthday with, as his mother never cared about him. 

The company planned an outing for the employees. They all went there together, but Gun got injured, and Jade had to take care of him and share the room. Uea was forced to share a room with King, as desired by the latter. 

Bed Friend is giving us a roller coaster ride in every episode. The audience feels compassionate and sympathizes with Uea. In each episode, we are learning that how terrifying his life is. And his mother, after being told that his stepdad assaulted him, refused to believe him and instead confined him in the bathroom, demonstrating what a horrid person she was. 

James played his part as Uea very well. He has worked hard for his character and studied the humiliation, dread, and low self-respect abuse victims maintain for the rest of their lives. James’s performance was convincingly natural. Net as King was impressive as well.

At the beginning of the series, viewers were afraid to show their liking for his character, but as the series unfolded, the audience appreciated him. King was being supportive of Uea even without knowing his story was satisfying to watch. Their chemistry was something else. They are known as NetJames among their fans. Previously, they worked together, but this time as a leading couple. 

The supporting characters were funny and enjoyable, especially Gun and Jade. King and Uea are surrounded by chaotic friends that we all need in our lives. 

Our Verdict

Bed Friend created the craze even before its release. The Mandee team did great work in creating an excellent series. The camera work was good. But the last shot of silhouette in episode 4 was effortlessly breathtaking.  

It’s great that they have paid attention and raised cognition of the concussion that LGBT and related communities people experience and talked about it. 

There are a lot of steamy sequences, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that their stories, characters, and cast performances also make this series worth watching and appreciating. It’s good to see new faces in Bed Friend. 

It’s become more famous to notice the sizzling chemistry between the main characters. 

Our Rating: ⭐ (4.1/5).

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