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Where is Valentine Ever After Filmed? All About the Romantic Company

Valentine Ever After

Ever heard of a rich girl’s vacation gone wrong? Well, this movie is based on similar situations and stances. The American movie with a 6.6-star rating on IMDb is a perfect blend of comedy, drama, family, and romance. The movie is an eye opener and gives a chance to introspect. Along with this, the songs of this movie are quite well-known and loved by many.

If you still get fascinated by teenage dramas and never miss one on Netflix, then this is something you won’t be able to skip. Apart from this, the movie was released in 2016, which makes it something that people of this generation would be able to relate to. A number of fan pages appreciated the filming location and sets of the movie. Do you want to know the shooting location of one of your favorite movies? Well, scroll down the article and get the exact location of the movie scenes.

Story of Valentine Ever After

The plot follows Julia and her friend Sydney who are rich girls of Chicago and with the hope to get a fine weekend getaway to leave the city for a short road trip. Apparently, while embarking on this journey, they put themselves in a brawl at a bar in a small town in Wyoming. As per the rules, they were detained from leaving the room and were commanded to stay in town for 30 days to perform community service. The major part of the filming location is this small town.

Valentine Ever After

As expected, these 30 days brought a huge change in their lives. Sydney realized that life is more than just swiping cards and living the life of being born with a silver spoon. Whereas Julia had completely different experiences, she realized that the life she had in the city wasn’t the life she wanted, she wanted originality which can not be found in the life of the city. The cherry on top was the romantic connection of Julia with a town local boy, Ben. The movie highlights the romantic fling of Julia and Ben, taking up the shape of a true love story. We recommend you take a box of tissue while watching the movie, as the romance can literally make your eyes tear.

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Where is Valentine Ever After Filmed?

The filming location of this movie is divided into three. The downtown street scene was shot in Colorado, USA. Another important part of this movie is The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, this is the place where the girls fell into trouble that changed them at individual levels. This Bar is located in Wyoming, USA. To be exact, 25 N Cache St, Jackson, Wyoming, USA. Hope you won’t skip visiting the bar when you visit Wyoming the next time. Moreover, the major part of the movie was shot in Ontario, Canada.

Valentine Ever After

Where to Watch Valentine Ever After?

Well, the movie is available on various platforms. In the United States, the movie can be directly streamed on Direct TV, Movies Now, and Prime Video. Also, the movie can be bought on Apple TV, YouTube, Google Playstore, Vudu, and Microsoft videos.
So, do add Valentine Ever After to your watchlist and add some beautiful adventure to your life. Also, stay over the edge with trends with us. Follow OtakuKart and get regular updates on the happenings around the globe.
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