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Who is Julie Bishop’s Boyfriend? The Former Politician’s Love Interest

Here we shall discuss who Julie Bishop’s Boyfriend is. What do we know about the former politician’s current relationship status? Starting from the basics, Julie Isabel Bishop is serving as the Chancellor of the Australian National University. Before this, she worked in various other prestigious political positions such as Minister for Foreign Affairs, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party, and Minister for Education and Science. It was in 1998 when Julie Bishop was appointed as the Minister of the Australian Parliament for Curtin and continued the service till 2019.

Knowing about her prestigious political services, people are now lately interested in learning the details of what’s going on in her personal life. Well, many of you shall be aware of the recent news of her split. That’s the separation from her romantic interest, David Panton, whom she dated for eight years. It has taken place while they had dinner with Prince Charles. Sounds weird? But, it’s not. Now, what’s next? Does she have a new man in her life already? Let’s dive into this article to learn who Julie Bishop’s Boyfriend is.

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Julie Bishop’s Boyfriend: Current Love Interest

Talking about Julie Bishop’s Boyfriend, he appears to be no one. Well, it is unsure if she has gotten a new man in her life. But, it’s possibly a big no. It seems like Julie Bishop is now totally focused on her career, working hard to excel more.

Julie Bishop's Boyfriend

Julie Bishop

Right after her separation from her long-time partner, David Panton, Julie Bishop hasn’t sparked any dating rumors. Also, her social media presence doesn’t highlight her sharing romance with anyone new. So, we can assume, that the former politician is not dating anyone as of now and is enjoying her singlehood. Also, it’s not been a long time since she has broken up. So, looking at her, she appears to be taking some time to adjust to her new life and also maintaining a busy schedule. That is mostly assumed to keep her away from any sort of distraction.

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Split With David Panton

Fans are quite shocked after knowing the news of the split between Julie Bishop and David Panton. In case you aren’t aware of him and their relationship, David Panton is a renowned property developed. He also owns Pantonic Health. It is a company that has contributed majorly to the production of Covid 19 rapid antigen tests.

Julie Bishop's Boyfriend

Julie Bishop and David Panton

Coming back to their romance, Julie Bishop and David Panton confirmed their romantic relationship in 2014. It became official to the public after they were snapped together at the Melbourne Cup. Even though it was a bit long-distance, things were going pretty well. They managed to meet at times. Well, things started to change during the lockdown period, when they were unable to meet and had to depend completely on online communication.

Last Friday, they attended a dinner date together in Sydney. It was where David Panton broke the news that they are no longer dating. On this note, the property developer said, “I’ll be centered on residing in Manly and Melbourne for the foreseeable future. I want Julie all the very best in her ongoing stellar profession.’’

The exact reason behind their split is not known. However, David Panton’s statement seems like they have ended on good terms and for their respective betterment too. Best Wishes to both!

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