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Watch Love Island (US) Season 4 Episode 39 Release Date: The Argument

Love Island (US) Season 4
Love Island (US) Season 4

The 4th season of the American television reality shows Love Island was released on July 19, 2022. This season is the first to be premiered on Peacock Network. Previously the series was streamed on CBS Network. Sarah Hyland takes over hosting responsibilities from Arielle Vandenberg, who presided over the series for its first 3 seasons. The voice-over narration for the first three seasons was narrated by Matthew Hoffman. But this time, he did not make any appearance for this season. As a replacement, the narrator of the original British version, Iain Stirling, takes possession of the narrator. Season 4 is currently running and it’s episode 39 is going to release soon. Now, when and where it will release also what happened in the last episode? We will know all about that in this article. Before that here is a simple overview of the series. 

Love Island is a reality TV show in which a group of participants, who are mentioned as “Islanders”, are living in a mansion in California. The participants are disconnected from the external world and are under steady video observation. To stay alive in the villa, the Islanders must be in a relationship with other Islanders. Initially, the Islanders couple up for the first time on first impressions but as the show went on they are enforced to “re-couple” at unique ceremonies. In that, they are provided with a  choice to either switch partners or to remain with their current ones.

About The Show

At the mansion, the couples must have to share a bed for sleeping and are allowed to talk with other Islanders any time they want. It was to allow them to get to know each other. While in the mansion, each participant has their own telephone. With that, they can contact other participants via text and also can get text messages notifying them of the upcoming dumping, challenges, and re-couplings. While the Islanders might be seen to have direct access to the outside world, they are limited in both their alcohol consumption and dealings with the outer world.

The Islanders are allowed many challenges and games that are deliberate to test their physical and mental proficiency. After the tests, the winners are a couple of times get presented with several special prizes like – a special date or a night at the Hideaway. Islanders can be disqualified, or “dumped”, for various reasons. The reasons include staying single after a re-coupling and by public vote over the Love Island mobile app. During the show’s closing week, participants of the public vote decide which couple should win the series.

So what happens is that the couple who receives the most votes wins. At the envelope celebration on closing night, the couple who gets the highest number of votes from the public voting collects two envelopes. One for each partner. One envelope consists of nothing and the other consist of $100k. The partner who wins a $100,000 envelope gets the option to choose whether he/she wants to share the money with their partner. It is for the test of their commitment and trust.

Love Island (US) Season 4

Love Island (US) Season 4

What happened in the previous episode

In Episode 38, Ekin-Su and David had a terrible argument. But the day after their fight, Ekin-Su and Davide make up, with Ekin telling David to tell if he has any problem while David arises that he only believes Ekin 80 percent. Adam isn’t the only one going on dates this episode though, with Luca and Gemma getting the call-up by producers for their seaside date. The couple speaks about their future together outside of the mansion. They share how they can’t think of their time in the mansion without one another and meeting each other’s families.

Love Island (US) Season 4 Episode 39 Release date 

Love Island (US) Season 4 Episode 9 is going to premiere on 31st August 2022. While they’re gone from the mansion, Billy Brown is seen working out with Danica in the gym and finds himself smitten with her. Danica’s “sassy stretches” made such a mark that he tells the beach hut camera that he’s willing to get to know her. Over on the beanbags, Casa Amor trimmings, Summer and Josh start flirting – could they be another surprise couple coming? That exact evening, the islanders are received to experience a live show from pop artist Becky Hill. With the episode coming to end on Iain Stirling declaring a new public vote, the fun may be temporary.

Where To Watch Love Island (US) Season 4 Episode 9?

Love Island (US) is one of the popular American TV Reality Show which was initially released on July 9, 2019. The show is in 4th Season, and currently, the 39th episode is on its way. The show will be aired on Peacocktv, Apple TV, or Amazon Prime Video. 

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