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Big Brother Season 24 Episode 12: Release Date, Where to Watch & Recap

Big Brother Season 24 Episode 12 Release Date
Big Brother Season 24 Episode 12 Release Date

Competition is getting fierce at the Big Brother house! So, let’s cover the Big Brother Season 24 Episode 12 release date. Just in the last episode, the pressure got the worst out of poor old Taylor, who wouldn’t have it for being manipulated. Moreover, Monty grabbed the HOH title and felt like a champ. But how long will that glory last him before the success gets to their head? After you read our weekly recap, all this and more will be revealed to you.

In the reality series Big Brother, a group of individuals lives together in a home away from the outside world. Their every move is captured on camera and broadcast on television. The group is also given assignments to finish, and they are forced to compete with one another for prizes. Because the competitors have little privacy and millions of people monitor their every move, the show frequently sparks controversy. However, the program is also quite well-liked and has been on for a long time.

Big Brother Season 24 Episode 12 Release Date

Big Brother Season 24

Are you ready for the next episode?

Big Brother Season 24 Episode 11 Recap

The HOH competition is introduced in a Big Brother episode where the houseguests search through envelopes for a red invitation. Joseph, Alyssa, Terrance, Brittany, Daniel, Monte, Nicole, and Jasmine. Ameerah shouldn’t have been kicked out of the house, and Alyssa no longer believes in anyone there. Returning to the eviction, Nicole supports Alyssa as she sobs and is enraged because she failed to bid farewell to Ameerah, her closest friend in the house.

Turner congratulates the eight on taking home the HOH’s opening round. Here is the second section. When they hear a scream, they must move one blood-filled goblet down a table with numbers on it. The HG who locks in the highest score after three rounds win HOH. Nicole is confident that she will prevail and declares that she cannot wait to exact revenge on those who put Ameerah up.

Monty Grabs The HOH Title

With a score of 11, Monte takes home the HOH title. Additionally, he is eager to get specific targets out of the house. Nicole, meanwhile, is determined to figure out why the vote in the house was reversed. She also constantly complains about how she missed the opportunity to farewell to Ameerah. Since they are all safe this week, Monte, Terrance, and Joseph rejoice in the pantry room. Terrance is ecstatic that this week is off-limits for touching.

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Alyssa’s Blunder

Alyssa admits she misses her house and person when Joseph finds her sobbing. He tells Kyle that he believes they could be developing a showmance. When Monte reads his letter from home, it makes everyone cry, and he displays his HOH room. Only the Leftovers remain in the HOH room while everyone else leaves. Taylor claims she no longer wants to be used as a pawn. Monte wants to ensure that everyone agrees with the targets for this week.

Taylor Doesn’t Want To Be Used And Abused

Taylor declines to be used as a pawn in Monte’s conversation with Alyssa. Monte wants to put up Nicole. Monte informs Alyssa that she has many votes in the house and will likely remain in office even if she puts herself on the block. Alyssa is not concerned because she knows she can rely on Monte. Then, Monte tells Indy that she is being used as a pawn and is not the intended target. She informs him that she would never have done that to him, and Indy doesn’t take it well. Nicole tells Monte that she and Daniel are a force to be reckoned with when they later meet. Now is the time for the nominations. Monte suggests Alyssa and Indy. Unless Taylor gives him the go-ahead to backdoor Nicole, the objective is to get rid of Alyssa. Nicole believes she will be the next to depart, which is ideal.

Big Brother Season 24 Episode 12 Release Date

The pressure is mounting up in the Big Brother House!

Where To Watch Big Brother?

If you want to watch Big Brother Season 24, Episode 12, you can tune on the television to CBS at 20:00 hrs, Eastern Time, United States. You can also watch the show from Paramount+, which offers a 24/7 live feed to the Big Brother House. Moreover, DirecTV Streaming, Fubo TV, and Pluto TV. Lastly, you can buy the episodes from Vudu Fandango, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple iTunes.

Big Brother Season 24 Episode 12 Release Date

Big Brother Season 24 Episode 12 will release on August 3, 2022, at 20:00 hrs, Eastern Time, United States. This episode will see the fallout from the vote. We’ll check out Taylor’s further reactions to being manipulated by others and see how Monty deals with success. Moreover, we see more and more of the machinations and conniving as the pressure intensifies. Time to wait and see. Do not forget to check out our website soon after the airing for our recaps! And be sure to check out the recap for the last episode, as we always keep track of this reality show. With this, we conclude our coverage of this topic here at Otakukart. Thanks for your attention. Happy streaming, and until next time!

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