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Besomebody Net Worth: Value of Kash Shaikh’s Company


Besomebody was initially intended to be a platform for active learning. Shaikh shifted the company’s focus to emphasise skill development and job placement shortly after his debut on international television. Through the Besomebody Paths programme, he collaborated with Fortune 500 firms including Kroger, Microsoft, and Mass Mutual to generate more than 2,000 employment for Americans nationally. The in-person training programmes, which used AI-driven applicant matching and curriculum design tools, were a tiny fraction of the duration and expense of equivalent community college programmes and came with a job guarantee after completion. Besomebody Paths had a 98 percent graduation rate, and one month after the pivot, the business turned a profit. Besomebody net worth was always the topic in talks.

By 2018, Besomebody has broadened the scope of its services beyond recruiting and training to cover all facets of organisational development, such as corporate culture, business strategy, and marketing. With around $20 million in yearly revenue, Entrepreneur Magazine designated Besomebody, Inc. as one of America’s best private firms in 2019. BSB Group International, a new business established to properly support its rising customer list of Fortune 500 firms and quickly expanding startups, was introduced by Shaikh as his most recent endeavour.

Through end-to-end management consulting, brand development, and digital communications, the new company is solely dedicated to assisting client partners in achieving profitable growth, i.e., more users, margin, and/or revenue. Although training programmes will still be available, they will put more of an emphasis on culture and leadership than on hiring and personnel. Cincinnati, Ohio serves as the headquarters for both businesses. Additionally, New York, Houston, and Minneapolis are home to BSB Group International offices. “Top Companies for Diversity and Inclusion” has been given to the businesses.


Besomebody Net Worth

The Besomebody division that provided partner services provided those businesses with a wide range of services, such as business planning, cultural mapping, design, content production, and software development. Former employee of GoPro and Procter & Gamble Kash Shaikh founded Besomebody in 2014. The original besomebody app was sold following the business’s Shark Tank presentation in 2017. It had been made accessible to a worldwide audience in 2014. Besomebody’s Paths made their debut in 2017. Besomebody started in 2011 as Shaikh’s personal blog. Former University of Texas at Austin student Kash Shaikh started Besomebody and is the company’s CEO at the moment.

Kash Shaikh

He worked for Sprint and Procter & Gamble prior to joining GoPro in 2007. He is presently Global Marketing & Communications Senior Vice President. Besomebody, Inc., a firm that produces podcasts, was founded by Sheikh, who also serves as its CEO. Shaikh worked for Procter & Gamble for more than ten years, engaging in influencer and social media marketing. As a result of these contacts and the resulting growth in his knowledge of these subjects, he started a free podcast where he interviews experts in the leadership, culture, and business fields. He wants to assist others in discovering their vocation. He emphasises both private and collective motivation.

Besomebody, Inc. was named one of the finest private firms in the nation by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2019 with over $20 million in annual revenue. Both companies have their headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. Other locations where BSB Group International maintains offices include Minneapolis, Houston, and New York. The companies were recognised by Break the Ceiling as one of the “Top Companies for Diversity and Inclusion” and by Cincinnati Business Courier as one of the “Best Places to Work” in the city.

Besomebody’s Current Scenario

Utivity Holdings, Inc. acquired the experience marketplace app from Besomebody after the firm appeared on Shark Tank. This Denver-based business provided the same services even though it is no longer advertised online (March 2019). In September 2018, Shaikh announced on the besomebody Facebook page that the group will focus on supporting businesses. According to reports, the company’s founder told his 705,000 followers that it will now support companies “from the moment they employ through the culture they establish.” Our main goal will always be to enable people to pursue their passions. Besomebody acquired Pixelbug Technologies in February 2019 with the goal of utilising AI to enhance its hiring and training practises. The Besomebody screening procedure makes use of tests and assessments that are powered by AI.

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