Simon Cowell Before And After Looks: The X Factor Creator Went Too Far With the Plastic Surgery

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Simon Cowell's Before And After Looks
Simon Cowell's Before And After Looks (CC: Page Six)

Simon Cowell’s before and after looks made him unrecognizable. Yes, we are talking about The X Factor creator whose face seems to be ‘melting.’ Well, fans are convinced that Simon must have done plastic surgery. Is that true?

Right now, he is making headlines after Bruno Tonioli’s controversial crossbow prank in Britain’s Got Talent. Keeping that aside for now, what happened to his face? Before that, let’s briefly learn about Simon Cowell’s prominence in the industry. 

Starting from the basics, Simon Cowell is known for being the creator of the Got Talent franchise. Have you ever heard about Syco? It’s a British entertainment company that is solely owned by him. Hailing from London, Simon was born in 1959, which makes him 63 years old at present. Even at this age, he looks stunning and seems to have done something to his face. A plastic surgery? Hopefully, Yes! 

Back in 2004, Simon Cowell also got featured in The New Elizabethans, which aired on BBC Radio 4. He even provided his voice in the computer-animated mystery comedy film Scoob!

Coming back to Simon Cowell’s before and after looks, the TV personality seems to be melting, as mentioned already. That has been noticed especially after his health issues came out to the public. What about getting plastic surgery? Has he done anything like that? If you are looking for the details of Simon Cowell’s before and after looks, here is what we know. 

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Simon Cowell’s Before And After Looks Explained: What Happened?

Concerning Simon Cowell’s before and after looks, he seems to be aging in reverse. In other words, he doesn’t look like he is in his 60s. Following that, some people are wondering if he has done plastic surgery. What do you think? 

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Well, Simon Cowell didn’t hide completely. Back in 2018, he underwent treatment dubbed as a 21st-century facelift. That cost him £2,000. Yes! This was confirmed by the Got Talent creator himself.

Talking more about it, he consisted of Dr. J.ean-Louis Sebagh, who is known as the “Picasso of dermatology.” What for? That was for Silhouette Soft Lift. In case you don’t know, it involves sewing bioplastic-infused thread into one’s face and neck and tugging it tightly so that the skin doesn’t sag. 

Simon Cowell's Before And After Looks
Simon Cowell: The X Factor & Got Talent franchise creator, looks young irrespective of his age (CC: People)

When asked for some details, Simon Cowell mentioned that one could do a lot with his face instead of getting fillers and botox. In addition to that, the TV mogul also shared that it is painful, but there is also a benefit. What? Whatever he did, helped him to get rid of sun damage. According to him, having clear skin is his ultimate goal. On this note, Simon said, “If you have clean skin, you look better.” 

Well, getting plastic surgery done to look better, younger, and bold is nothing extraordinary, especially not in the Hollywood industry. 

But, yes! Simon Cowell underwent botox and fillers, and he had no shame in confessing that. He shared that it was when everyone got their faces pumped. Simon followed the same, more like going well with the trend.

However, later, Simon Cowell shared that he wouldn’t be using injectables on his face further. Well, that was indeed a good decision. He confirmed, saying, “here is no filler in my face at all now. Zero.”

Yes! He removed his face fillers as it “went too far.” The major reason was he felt like he was looking horrible, something that came out of a thriller film. He even failed to recognize himself, as reported. That was bad! 

Best Wishes to Simon Cowell! What do you think about Simon Cowell’s before and after looks? He still looks stunning. Isn’t it? You may give The X Factor creator a following on his Instagram account for more such amazing updates. 

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