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Who Is Stephanie Hsu’s Partner? Everything Everywhere All at Once Star’s Love Interest

Britton Smith

Want to know about Stephanie Hsu’s partner? The actress is recently making headlines for winning the 38th Independent Spirit Awards for her performance in Everything Everywhere All at Once. Congratulations! Keeping that aside, for now, Stephanie’s love life has been something that her fans are lately all curious about. Before that, let’s briefly discuss Stephanie Hsu’s prominence. 

Starting from the basics, Stephanie Ann Hsu is a versatile actress, doing wonders in the industry since 2010. Born in 1990, Stephanie is now 32 years old and hails from Torrance. Some of her notable acting credits include Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, The Four-Faced Liar, Girl Code, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Path, Poker Face, etc. 

Being her fan, you will be happy to know that Stephanie Hsu has a handful of projects. Right now, she is busy shooting for the film- The Fall Guy. Set yourself for the fall of her next works, Joy Ride and American Born Chinese. 

Coming back to Stephanie Hsu’s personal life, the actress seems to be very much in love. With whom? Well, that’s none other than her long-time boyfriend. Who is he? Meanwhile, Stephanie has also sparked rumors of being a lesbian. We call it her sexual orientation. But, that’s not true. If you are looking for who Stephanie Hsu’s partner is, here is what we know. 

Who Is Stephanie Hsu's Partner?

Stephanie Hsu

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Meet Stephanie Hsu’s Partner: Who Is He? 

Talking about her love interest, Stephanie Hsu’s partner is Britton Smith. But, what’s his identity? In case you are wondering, Britton Smith serves as the lead singer of Britton and The Sting. In addition to that, he is also a law lecturer at Columbia Law School. Little did you know, Stephanie’s partner also gained fame after playing Jake Dillinger in Be More Chill. Some of his songs are Bothered Blue, Takes It Baby, Prelude, Upgrade, etc. You must listen to all these songs! 

Well, Stephanie Hsu is very much secretive, when it comes to her love life. She doesn’t like to go into detail, whenever asked during her interviews. However, Stephanie often posts pictures of her and her partner, Britton Smith on social media. That anyway highlights her ongoing romantic relationship with the music artist. 

We aren’t sure how things started between Stephanie Hsu and Britton Smith. Also, we don’t know, when. But, that’s surely been since the last few years. Looking at those pictures, Stephanie seems to be very happy with her long-time love interest. It’s not known if the actress has any other romantic involvements earlier. So, it’s evident that things have been pretty much happening, even off-screen. 

Who Is Stephanie Hsu's Partner?

Stephanie Hsu’s partner: Britton Smith

Stephanie Hsu is indeed a very independent woman. Also, she is very much supportive of her boyfriend, Britton. They cheer up one another, before any releases. It feels so good to see Stephanie Hsu and Britton Smith happy together. It’s unknown if they are planning to tie the knot, anytime soon. Neither of the stars has announced anything related to that. 

Both of their professions are different. Still, whenever Stephanie and Britton get free time, they love spending time together. So cute! Also, all the eagle-eyed fans have noticed them commenting on each others’ pictures on social media. Briefly, we may say that Stephanie and Britton don’t just look adorable but also inseparable. 

Whenever Stephanie Hsu is asked about Britton, she ends up praising him. So much of love! Best Wishes to Stephanie Hsu for the upcoming days of her life. Make sure you know Stephanie, on her Instagram account for more updates. We are hopeful that Stephanie and Britton announce the news of their marriage, real soon. How badly are you waiting for that? 

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