Who is Chandler Halderson’s Girlfriend? Her Role in the Murder Trail

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Chandler Halderson’s girlfriend
Who is Chandler Halderson’s girlfriend?

A 23-year-old man named Chandler Halderson made it to the pages of newspapers after he was charged with the severe charge of killing and dismembering his parents. As he has been found guilty on all charges tied to their deaths by a court in Wisconsin, with charges of two counts of the charges including first-degree intentional homicide, mutilating a corpse, and hiding a corpse, and has also provided false information on a missing person investigation.

While Halderson refused to speak during his arraignment hearing while his lawyers entered not guilty pleas on his behalf. There have been some jew facts and revelations that have resurfaced about the incident, and this revelation has been made by Halderson’s former partner. Who are we talking about?

Who is Chandler Halderson’s girlfriend?

Chandler Halderson’s girlfriend is reportedly Catheryn Millender. As the trial run has started on the shocking murder case, the former girlfriend also testified Thursday. On the stand, Mellender informed the prosecutors that she was the one who was likely with Chandler Halderson in the first week of July. She fully cooperated with the police authorities and further told the court that she even gave the police everything they asked for during the process of questioning.

As she talked about the murder, Catheryn admitted that she wanted people to find Bart and Krista Halderson and just believed his parents were missing, and she just wanted them to be found. Chandler Halderson’s girlfriend’s Mother Makes Shocking Revelations. Dulce Mellender, the mother of Chandler Halderson’s girlfriend, Dulce Mellender has also come forward and started how Chandler told her that he was working with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to be on-call for water rescues, as well as also good her about having another job at American Family Insurance.

Chandler Halderson’s girlfriend
Who is Chandler Halderson’s girlfriend

She further informed that Chandler told her about receiving a new job in Florida, and she took him out to celebrate the big news. However, that did not happen due to his inability to fly because of his severe concussion.

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