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The Strange Death of Christopher Case: Was He Really Cursed?

The Strange Death of Christopher Case
The Strange Death of Christopher Case

There have been countless examples of unsolved murders that have become associated with bizarre coincidences and big questions. Some of the most intriguing require some aspect of the supernatural or mystical, supporting the case with a wind of unsettling mystery. One of these occurred in Seattle, Washington, where a talented and successful young man was found dead in a case surrounded by talk of dark arts and witches.

Our unsolved mystery is a little different than any we’ve ever been supposed to cover since it isn’t basically a murder. Because little is known about the case, this article will be designed differently as well. We’re on the subject of witches, so let’s look at a case where a man was allegedly haunted by one.

 What occurred to Christopher Case in 1991? Is he cursed by a witch, or did he frighten himself to death? Let’s go explore The Strange Death of Christopher Case.

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The Turn Of Events

In 1991, Christopher Case was 35 years old and living in Seattle. He’d relocated from Raleigh, North Carolina, where he’d been working as a radio broadcaster. According to the few records we have, Christopher Case was a very well man with his twists. Christopher moved to San Francisco for a work event on April 11, 1991; though I was unable to determine what he was undertaking for work at the time, it was most probably in the communications field.

On this trip, Christopher met a woman with whom he seemed to click right away. They were both interested in “old music” – I’m not sure what it meant – and they ended up talking a lot. Everything was going swimmingly until the woman made unwanted intercourse with Christopher, which he declined.

The Death of Christopher

On April 18th, 1991, a buddy of Christopher’s in North Carolina requested a check-in with officials in Seattle because she couldn’t reach him and was concerned for his security. She told the cops about the supposed curse as well as Christopher’s increasing fear and anxiety. When the cops went into the apartment, they discovered a puzzling scene. The apartment had lines of salt all along the base of each wall, as well as a few crucifixes and about a dozen burned-out candles. Sadly, they also discovered Christopher Case dead in his tub. His cause of death was finally revealed to be a heart attack, prompting many to joke that Christopher Case was terrified to death.



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Autopsy And Police Report

The body was medically examined, and the specific cause was determined to be “acute myocarditis,” or a heart attack. This is unusual for a number of different reasons, not the last of which is Case was a young, fit, healthy man who lived a hygienic way of life, didn’t drink alcohol or smoke, and had no family history of heart disease. There was also the circumstance of his body as he knelt in the bathtub and the fact that this, as well as the burnt candles around his body, tended to suggest he was involved in some sort of tradition right before he died.

It seemed very strange that his heart attack would strike right at that specific moment. It is also important to note that this occurred shortly after he began talking about witches and black magic, implying that the heart attack he struggled with was not natural but the result of mysterious magic. The events he describes in his letters, the meeting with the mysterious woman, and his complete anxiety when calling his friends all promote this.

According to police interrogations, Case had no belief in witches or supernatural forces and was a scale, logical professional, so what could have sent him into this miserable state blabbering about witches and spirit possession? Is it possible that there is something else that could cause a rational person to turn into this community of witches and panic? Could this woman, who has yet to be known, have played a role in it all? If she did, it was something through magic, and if so, why go to all that trouble just because someone wasn’t open to her advances? We don’t know the answers to any of these questions, and Christopher Case’s death remains a mystery.

Black magic

Black magic

Theories and explanations

There are just two possibilities here: whether the curse was real or it wasn’t. Assume it’s true, and this woman has the ability to manipulate force, energy, spirits, or whatever. Because the biggest puzzle here is who really this witch was and if the ability she claimed to have was true. In terms of the curse, Christopher was certainly pulling out all of the famous stops – salt, candles, crucifixes – to avoid it. It had the potential to be a self-fulfilling prophecy, and the pressure of waiting for another to drop did cause his heart attack.

Another thing I haven’t seen is whether carbon monoxide poisoning was examined; given the number of candles in such a small space, it does appear to be a probability. The nearest equivalent I’ve seen is that they ran a toxicology report after his death, but I can’t find any information about the results.

So, while there is no way to show whether or not the curse was true, we can prove that he came to believe in it, which gave it very significant power in a non-mystical way.

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