Call Me Kat Season 3 Episode 16 Review: The Episode Is A Cringe-Fest In The Name Of Comedy

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Poster for the show, Call Me Kat
Poster for the show, Call Me Kat

Launched in 2021, Call Me Kat is an American sitcom written by Darlene Hunt. The show is based on the British comedy series Miranda starring Miranda Hart. The show, Call Me Kat is a story about a thirty-nine-year-old woman named Kat, who, after quitting her job as a professor at a university, now runs a cat cafe. It is a story of how Kat navigates her path in this world, trying to prove to society, especially her mother, that she does not need to follow conventional ways.

Call Me Kat has Mayim Bialik in the main role of Kat. The show also has Leslie Jordan, who has previously been in shows like American Horror Story, The Cool Kids, Boston Legal, and many more, as Phil, a single gay baker at Kat’s cat cafe. Actress Swoosie Kurtz plays the role of Sheila, Kat’s mother, in the show.

Actor Cheyenne Jackson, the guy from the Descendants movies, plays the role of Max, Kat’s guy friend and secret crush. Kyla Pratt, another important role in the show, plays the role of Randi, a waitress at Kat’s cafe. The show has, since its premiere, released three seasons that are available for streaming on AppleTV.

Cast of the show, Call Me Kat
Cast of the show, Call Me Kat

Call Me Kat Season 3 Episode 16 Storyline

The show is based in Louisville city, where Kat (Mayim Bialik) has spent all the wedding money that her parents had saved for her wedding on opening a cat cafe. Kat is shown as an unconventional woman; she is single, terribly lonely, and constantly at war with her mother and society’s expectations, fighting to live life on her own terms.

The show aired its third season in September of 2022, and recent episode sixteen, called “Call Me Worth The Wait,” was released on March 2nd, 2023. In the previous episode, “Call Me Cat’s In the Cradle,” we saw Max getting united with his long-lost father, Dan. Popular actor and star of the show JAG, David James Elliot, made a guest appearance on the show as Max’s father. 

The entire episode revolved around their reunion, though Max was not excited to see his father after thirty years of him not being there for him. Kat still tries to make the best out of the situation and tries to make sure that the two sit and talk, although it feels that her presence only adds to the awkwardness and makes the situation more uncomfortable.

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On the other hand, Shiela, Kat’s mother, and Gideon, the new baker who replaced Phil after his departure, played by Jack McBrayer, come together to help Randi, originally a waitress at Kat’s cat cafe, now a business partner, fix her condo to make space for her and her fiance, Carter, played by Julian Grant.

Episode sixteen of season three opens with Max trying to write a song for his new producer late into the night. Kat gets woken up because her cat, Snowy, has thrown up on her cover. She comes out, only to find Max up and playing his guitar. After some persuasion, Max agrees to play his song for her, and Kat realizes that the song may be about her. 

After the song gets done, Kat has herself convinced that the song is about her, and she tries her best to give something back to Max in return for him writing such a romantic song for her. The scene cuts to the next day, and we are back at Kat’s cafe. We see her explain to one of her customers about the cats being up for adoption, and her mother, who is also present, is still cold towards her.

Kat is still in a good mood because of what happened the previous night, and she shows off to her mother that her boyfriend wrote a song about her, and nothing can faze her at that moment. Her mother obviously pulls out another slick remark, but before Kat can say anything in reply, Randi enters the cafe.

She tells them about Carter and his son coming over to her place. She tells them she wants to make the best first impression on his son so that he feels comfortable and she feels like a good stepmom to him.

The scene cuts to Randi’s condo, where she is waiting for the father-son duo to arrive. Once they reach, Randi and CJ, Carter’s son, share an elaborate handshake making it clear to the audience that the two are on really friendly terms with each other.

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Later that same night, we see the entire main cast at a bar where Max is about to perform his new song that Kat thinks is for her. Max starts singing the song, but this time with changed lyrics. Kat and the viewers realize that the song was not for her after all but was for another girl named Brigitte. 

A still from the show, Call Me Kat
A still from the show, Call Me Kat

Max and Kat get into a subtle argument about the song, and so do carter and Randi about the kid, CJ. Kat, after having a conversation with her mother, thinks of ways of spicing up her relationship with Max, which leads her to prepare a candlelit dinner in a beautiful evening dress for him. 

Randi and Carter share a scene talking about being a teenager’s parents and how difficult that would be for Randi. On the other hand, Max and Kat climb up a water tower for the night view of the city, though Kat continues to mess up something or the other. The episode ends with the two in a police car and sharing a wholesome and touching moment and Max creating and singing a song for Kat in that very moment.  

Call Me Kat Season 3 Episode 16 Review

The show Call Me Kat follows a fresh format and has tried something new by making Mayim Bialik look into the camera and talk to the audience. It has a strong cast with Mayim Bialik, Swoosie Kurtz, Kyla Pratt, and many more.

The American entertainment industry is not falling short of sitcoms, which is why anytime a new comedy show gets released, the pressure is high on them to make sure it makes space for itself and leaves a mark. 

Sure, Call Me Kat is no Friends or The Office, but it seems like it is not even trying to be. The show, even with Mayim Bialik, one of the leads of The Big Bang Theory, could not save it. It is bland and boring. It tried to take an interesting concept of a woman in her late thirties, still single and alone with no job and cats all around her, but it is clearly failing with it. Reminds us of what all girls are told not to end up like.

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Yes, Call Me Kat is fresh in a way that, for once, the female lead is not depressed about being single, she is not following the conventional ways, and she does not need to prove anything to anybody. But that is about the only thing good about this show. The comedy falls flat, and one can binge-watch all the episodes with a straight face.

A cut from the show, Call Me Kat
A cut from the show, Call Me Kat.

The show has predictable jokes and is just not funny. They seem too forced, and it might also be the way the characters talk that is too animated and exaggerated. The comedy lacks wit and is almost spoon-fed to the audience. The recent episode of the show was the same. 

Kat has a balanced relationship with Max, where he is the calm one who communicates his feelings to her, and she is the unhinged one who gets way ahead of things in her head. The episode lays down the premise for miscommunication between the couple, and it is very easy to guess what the rest of the episode holds. And, yes, the makers resolved the conflict before the twenty-three minutes episode got over. 

Our Verdict

Mayim Bialik’s character is a 39-year-old woman who is single and happy with her eccentric self; how this is any different from her quirky and single character in the Big Bang Theory is a mystery. Episode 16 continues with predictable comedic timing and overdone acting, and forced one-liners. 

The background set used in the water tower scene during the end feels too unrealistic, including the scene where Brigitte gets pushed off the tower.

The scene where both Kat and Max are in the police car resolving the misunderstanding about the song feels way up in one’s face. The entire episode constantly reminds us of the low budget the producers of the show had. The entire 80s vibe that the episode is going for also does not seem to be happening well for the show. 

Our Rating: ⭐ (2.5/5).

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